Saturday 26 September 2015


It's the start of a new term and that means that my blood pressure starts to become an issue again and I spend many a joyful evening working through dinner, to bath time, planning. Just to clarify: I'm a Secondary school teacher. Blogging, writing, is a passion. It will always be something that soothes me and gives me meaning. But then the 9 to 5 (or rather 7 to 8) takes over.

I'm not sure whether I'm talking to an audience, or whether I'm talking to myself, but I'm also not sure I care. I used to write in my diary as a teenager and it was probably hugely therapeutic; then there was the poetry writing of my early adult years- that was probably life-saving to be frank. And now there's blogging: sometimes about semi-superficial stuff like make-up, but also the creation of an online photo album which may prove sentimental in years to come.

I don't want to stop, and I won't, but life seems to be so full of reality right now.

I'll have to bear with myself.
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