Tuesday 11 April 2017

Flowerbomb Vs. Flowerbomb Bloom

If you've read my recent post, 5 Iconic Beauty Products, I mention Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb as my iconic fragrance pick. I recently decided to splurge my Boots Advantage card points on 30ml of Flowerbomb Bloom as it sounded marvellous and when I tried it and walked around for a few hours with it on my skin, I couldn't resist. To help people who own the original and are considering Bloom, or those who can't decide between which to buy, here are my thoughts.


Flowerbomb has a rich, comforting patchouli base. The base notes are those that linger on your skin hours after the scent has been sprayed. Combined with the rose, sambac jasmine, freesia and orchid heart notes, there is a floral element, but not overly green. The top notes are bergamot, tea and osmanthus which give the scent a freshness which I find hard to distinguish from the warmth of the sweet patchouli and musk base. This floral perfume is full-bodied and womanly.

Bloom is a lot fresher and has a marine note which Viktor & Rolf call 'mountain air'. It is the main note that distinguishes this fragrance from the original and gives it a wonderful coolness- a breezy, holiday feel. Bloom has top notes of pomegranate and mandarin, which add to the light, fruity, fresh scent. With the same heart/ middle notes as the original, this new edition to the line has the same signature Flowerbomb wow factor, but instead of the patchouli base, the notes are woody, but in a fresh way. I don't really pick up on the spicy element that I have heard people mention, so any spice or woodiness is so well blended that it doesn't read for me (bear in mind I am not a connoisseur, more of an enthusiast.)


Flowerbomb, in my opinion, can be worn year round, possibly excluding Summer if you prefer a more citrus or lighter scent. It is work-friendly if applied sparingly and would certainly suit evening wear.

Bloom is perfect for Spring and Summer as it smells 'cool' and fresh compared to the original Flowerbomb. It isn't invasive, so could be worn in the day; it might not be deep enough for an evening out if you prefer more projection and sultriness, but I could see it working on a hot Summer evening.


Both fragrances have similar longevity on me and they work even better if sprayed also on clothing. I'd like to address the opinion that Bloom is just a weaker version of Flowerbomb. I don't feel like this is the case. Both lasted a solid 6-7 hours on me at work and even at the point where they don't project, the fragrance still clings to the skin. If anything Bloom is slightly more long-lasting than Flowerbomb!


While Flowerbomb is warm, comforting and deep; Bloom is cool, sweet, citrus, light and airy. The 'air' note in Bloom may be something you will either like or dislike as it is very prominent in the fragrance, so it is worth trying a sample before buying. With the original Flowerbomb, I feel like no note screams at you as it is so well-blended.

Flowerbomb wins overall because, for me, the warmth is addictive and it is just the right sort of sweet without it feeling sugary or sickly. Saying that, Bloom is beautiful and appealing in a different way and will be perfect for the warmer weather. I like that the heart notes are the same because with Bloom you still get the beautiful floral undertone or Flowerbomb which ties the two fragrances together really wonderfully.

Have you tried either of these fragrances? I'd love you to share your thoughts below.

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