Wednesday 7 March 2018

Review: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar

I have a confession to make. After years of loving to wear the original Flowerbomb and rating it up 
there with the most glorious fragrances I've come across (even owning the body lotion), I've fallen out of the love with it somewhat... It's still a comforting, sensual, beautiful scent, but it's so popular that I seem to be smelling it everywhere. 

When the flanker, Bloom came out last year, I purchased it with my Boots Advantage points. This sweet, airy rendition of Flowerbomb is, I have to say, very lovely. I reviewed it against the original here, but needless to say, it is an enchanting Spring/ Summer scent which is not just a poor imitation of the original masterpiece. Nectar is equally as well done and I had to have it after I sprayed it on myself in a department store and was left with the ghost of it for many, many hours afterwards. As I had sprayed quite a few different things on myself that day, I was charmed to find that the distinctive Flowerbomb jasmine sambac and patchouli marriage at its heart shined through. It was a comforting, warm blend which made me realise that despite the original being frustratingly overplayed, I still absolutely love the blend of heart notes.

Whilst Nectar does have some of the original character of Flowerbomb, as the name might suggest, it takes on a more honeyed, warm feel as it settles. With benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean at its base, it is easy to see how it ends up warm and comforting on the skin with good sillage. Before this, it opens as a sweet, syrupy scent from the cassis and bergamot oil in the opening and as it settles it warms up to be more floral with orange flower and the aforementioned Flowerbomb mainstays making it feel full-bodied and rich. I'm wearing it now as I write, and every sniff of my wrist is marvellous, heavenly- a very sensual perfume which could be worn in the day (lightly) or in the evening.

As I've gotten older and more experimental I've been avoiding sweet scents in favour of more unisex, niche offerings. This is where I would make an exception. With its excellent longevity and intoxicating blend, I'll happily be wearing this leading up to the hottest months (where I'd opt for Bloom for its 'coolness'). 

Whilst I prefer not to smell like everyone else, the Flowerbomb franchise is loved by many for good reason. I'll never stop seeing the original as an iconic scent, but until its mainstream popularity dies down a little bit, I'll be reaching for Nectar or Bloom when I want that comforting, sexy Flowerbomb hit.

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