Sunday 31 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #152


A trip to town a few days ago proved to be interesting. I didn't photograph a lot because I didn't want to spend too long milling about, but it was certainly not the place I know and love. Despite this, people were queuing for a few shops and banks and people generally were being respectful of the rules.

May Round Up

May's theme was 'lines' which is probably my favourite so far as it was so broad and therefore freeing. I've ended up taking most photos on my phone which was the opposite to what I wanted at the start of this project, but I've gone with it. 

Life is odd, static. May brought some news about re-openings of schools which will mean some contact with pupils next month and maybe, with that, some sense of normality in a very different Summer term to what I've ever experienced in my career. Setting work from home and the freedom of working remotely has been incredible for mental state; taking walks, finishing cups of coffee and having time to sleep and breathe has been a once in a lifetime break from a all or nothing existence. I'm not pretending that teaching is like a career in the SAS, but you have to be 'on' hour after hour and you work 6 day weeks, often evenings too. Usually at this time of year I would have been exhausted and looking forward to the lead up to the Summer break; instead it has been a case of doing the odd shift here and there and acting as a helpdesk by day. Technically this shouldn't be as tiring as school day, but it is still a bit tiring, mainly because I have been giving a lot of feedback and there is constant work to track for all classes.

Politically, there's been upset recently and people's social distancing efforts have been questionable in some cases. Parks have been enjoyed by, often, more than two people-- and the groups have not been sat 2 metres apart. Clearly it's been a challenge for people emotionally to be apart from their families and social groups. Introverts have probably had it easier and have come into their own, used to their own company and happy with it most of the time.

The cat has disowned us since the weather turned hot. Only seeing her briefly in the morning or evening makes me feel like the parent of a teenager. Still, it'll probably rain soon!

Life looks like it will plod on and some more businesses will re-open in June. I won't be rushing for a Starbucks or Mcdonald's, but the day I do have one will be a blissful moment I'm sure. Mostly, I miss the gym. It became a place to release stress and feel happy. Running in the evening helps, but my commitment is not quite as commendable, especially when hayfever and heat making it a snotty experience.

The photos this month reflect a dual feeling of peace, joy in nature, but also the dark shadows of the uncertain times lurking. An interesting month, for sure.

Saturday 23 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #144


There won't be festivals or holidays abroad this year, but there will be a Summer and we're getting a taste of it now. These blades of grass and buttercups reminded me of people in a festival crowd, dancing and carefree.

Thursday 21 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #142

The Lost One

She's gone from being a sleepy house cat (most of the time) to a dirty stop out over the last few weeks. It's a bit sad, but she's young and she heard the lockdown was being eased, so she's disowned us now.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #140


The humble river that flows through Fareham, Hampshire (UK). This was taken from a bridge (only a few metres tall) and the colours amped.

I'm actually pleased with this one (not often do I say that) and to think this is taken on a phone.

Monday 18 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #139


This is the back of the very old shed in our rented home. The paintwork is rusted and it looks quite cool with the colours amped up a bit.

Friday 15 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #136

Stay Away (for now)

This lockdown loosening is an interesting one. It feels no different really. We're just waiting for news, not a way to live. I've largely avoiding reading too much on the virus since the early days (when I consumed too much and it wasn't good for my head). Until we hear that schools are back, it's business as usual from home with the odd day doing a shift. It's a weird limbo when you try not to think beyond today, but you know there's plans to be resuming work. Not really sure what to say. 

Wednesday 13 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #134


I remember this evening back in March before lockdown had begun when I was already self-isolating. This felt like the most isolated time of all. There was the guilt of being off work (although in hindsight it was the right thing to do as we had symptoms in the household). There was also the sense that life was still going on despite the inevitable events that we were anticipating. The sacrifice of not going out and foregoing the gym despite it being open was tough. Once everyone was forced into lockdown and closures of public places happened there was some odd reassurance that we were all part of this ludicrous event, not just the few of us who were feeling helpless at home whilst our colleagues and friends pushed forward at work.

This was taken looking out of the window having spent many days inside. Nature is a comfort, for sure.

Tuesday 12 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #133

Road to Nowhere

This is a place that was undiscovered to me a few months ago, but due to lockdown, has become a familiar territory. There are some lovely walking spots around and we are fortunate to live in an area that allows us this luxury. Nevertheless, this situation is like being in a computer game where you realise there are limits to the game's environment and you hit an end point; there's only so far we can go. We all have limits at the moment and its both comforting and scary.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #127

Landmark from Afar

This is the amazing, brutalist Fareham Civic Offices. I seem to be obsessed with photographing this building this year. It has become some kind of symbol of comfort and home. It can be seen from all over the town, even at times where we are not able to get close to it and walk to town like we usually would (lockdown is a cruel mistress).