Saturday 29 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #60


I've copped out here as this is a re-post of a photo from 2017, but I liked this one quite a lot even though it's kind of Photoshop 101!

It's interesting to see how February's theme of 'Circles' has meant more close focus photography as opposed to landscapes which was the most common choice for Jan's 'Shades of Grey'. None of this is planned, it is the beauty of the project-- I never know what the results will end up being!

March theme revealed tomorrow...

Wednesday 26 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #57


Today's photo was a happy accident. As I near the end of February and have to think on my feet a bit in terms of content, I'm finding myself taking pictures of very mundane things. Finding a different way of presenting the everyday is something that interests me a lot.

A cup of coffee has become a welcome treat after a tiring day at work (before the evening workload commences!) I actually shot this with my phone camera because I was too keen to enjoy my coffee. Luckily it paid off better than my attempts at using my macro lens last week when I was not satisfied with the outcome and abandoned the photos I took. Then I was mucking about with editing features and thought this looked very pop art!

Tuesday 25 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #56

I couldn't post this until I'd properly edited it and I was happy with the perspective as the original was at a bit of an angle. I'm getting back into using Photoshop again which is a learning process as I'm self-taught and I forgot a lot of what I learned a few years ago; Picmonkey is amazing and I use it for a lot of my editing, but it is a lazier approach and can be limiting at times. 

This cassette tape is actually one from my youth and it is one of about five tapes that I have recently reclaimed and listened to on the 'walkman' that I got for Christmas. There are some pretty embarrassing recordings amongst these tapes, including some very ropy guitar practice that I did aged about fifteen that seems to go on for ages. Also featuring on another tape is a French project a friend and I did at school, pretending we had been exploring the jungle. Among our reportage (en Francais, bien sur!) can be heard Sash's classic 'Equador' and some character acting in the role of Jean-Luc-- a fictional French camera man who was bitten by a spider and shouted "Ooh la la!" and 'Oh de don!' at regular intervals.

This was the format of my first foray into owning music back in the 90s. I then progressed to CDs, and now it's vinyl that I'm collecting. These cassette tapes weren't practical in the slightest. They got chewed up and worn out and twisted up and the batteries ran out in your tape player and then it played really slow like a depressing remix of the original song. But they are nostalgic and you could create your own mix tapes and radio shows with ease. In fact, these things were as much a rite of passage for 90s kids as getting a Snapchat account nowadays. But way cooler!

Monday 24 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #55


Another V&A photo today: these plaques are on the walls in the Medieval and Renaissance Gallery (one of the large open halls). I don't know much about them, but I was drawn to their colour and the creepy, life-like carvings.

Sunday 23 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #54


Another shot from the V&A today, but this time a modern piece. This globe was installed in 2015 as a nod to the themes of the Enlightenment. The light and shadow worked well as a black and white photo.

Skincare Sunday #7 Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is that quenched-looking, plump skin with some sheen in all the right places. To achieve this healthy, youthful appearance diet and lifestyle obviously plays a big part. But what can you do to cheat your way to dewy skin, even when a stressful lifestyle leaves you looking less radiant than you would like?

Friday 21 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #52


Look at this Tufted Duck- what a chap. I liked his yellow eye against his monochrome feathers and then his slicked back hairstyle! This was taken the day after Storm Dennis hit the UK recently. You can see blue sky reflected in the pond of St. James' Park. I would have got a clearer image with a different lens, but this was all I had.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #50


I recently went to the V&A (Victroian and Albert) in Knightsbridge, London. There is an impressive collection of artefacts, paintings and curiosities from across history. These plates got my attention and I like the fact that the man's legs are reflected in the top of the cabinet-- if you've seen my photos before, you might know that I have a penchant for reflections.

Tuesday 18 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #49

London Eye 

Note to self: take your whole lens kit with you when going to London (regardless of trying to travel light).

This was taken on my standard zoom lens (the one that comes with the Sony A5000 or similar model). The shots I've taken on this trip are ok, but my telephoto lens would hace worked better when trying to capture some of the beautiful wildlife in St. James' Park-- who've thought a trip to the city would mean meeting some pelicans, geese and black swans! 

I liked this cheeky little addition to the rather pedestrian London Eye shot. He makes me smile.

Monday 17 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #48

Taken in Knightsbridge, London- what a lovely patisserie!

Skincare Sunday #6 Smooth Skin

As we age, fine lines and pigmentation are inevitable. Other than turning to injectables and salon strength procedures, how can we obtain the best skin possible? As I move further towards my 40s, I intend to make certain ingredients mainstays in my routine. This post is centred around maintaining as smooth skin as possible, whether you choose to go down the botox route or not.

Thursday 13 February 2020

Tuesday 11 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #42

Rather Magritte, don't you think? 

This was taken in Robin's Nest Emporium, Fareham: a fantastic Aladdin's cave of antiques and curiosities. This is a self portrait with a bed warmer covering my face. 

Monday 10 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #41


This was taken with a white balance setting ('incandescent') that gave it a blue tone- a mistake, but nevertheless it came out interesting.

Sunday 9 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #40


Guitar dials taken in Robin's Nest Emporium, Fareham.

Skincare Sunday #5 Hydrated Skin

How can you treat dehydrated skin? To start, how do you know if your skin is dry or dehydrated? Skin that lacks water (rather than oil) is dehydrated and can be susceptible to premature fine lines and flaky patches. Dry skin is a type of skin that does not produce as much sebum (oil) and therefore can appear lacklustre. It is possible to have both.

I have found an amazing serum which I've been trying over the last three months and have found to quench my skin nicely. It is affordable and comes in a cute baby pink bottle (although recently, due to high demand it is being produced in clear bottles-- I digress). What is it I hear you ask?

Friday 7 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #38


This featured as part of a triptych back in 2018 as part of a photography project which I suspended after a month or so. Sadly, creating a weekly triptych proved to be a commitment that my work schedule would not allow. Nevertheless, this image is one I like and thought would be great for the theme of 'circles' this month.

You are seeing part of a small bridge over a river. Photographing the mundane is a part of this hobby that I find most fulfilling. 

Thursday 6 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #37


Taken back in 2018 as potential triptych project material, I never actually used this image, but enjoyed the vibrancy. As a kid, receiving a small gumball machine at Christmas was a happy moment. The idea of having gumballs on tap was literally like having my own sweet shop in my bedroom!

Wednesday 5 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #36

Yellow Iris

This was cropped from a larger picture of Maisie. Her eye colour has been enhanced a small amount because she was right in front of a window and the light bleached out the beautiful yellowy colour. I absolutely adore her face.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

A photo a Day 2020 #35

Green Iris

It's probably apparent that I am drawn to eyes. Ever since I studied art at school, as many young artists do, I used to draw eyes. The first thing I tend to notice about people is their eyes-- the colour, the patterns, the shape, the emotions of the individual, the way they do or don't hold eye contact when talking; eyes tell you a lot about someone. Look into this eye, what do you see?

Sunday 2 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #33

Plastic Iris

Taken with my macro lens

Skincare Sunday #4 Clear Skin

Another tried and tested product this week which has been in my skincare arsenal for many years: Effaclar Duo+ by La Roche Posay is a treatment moisturiser for blemished skin. I use it as a targeted treatment as soon as I spy any redness that may turn into a spot. It is not at all harsh, so sensitive skins should be fine with it, and what's more, it works fast.

Within 1-2 days, the spots in question are usually significantly less red and less raised*. 

For reference, I do not have acne on a regular basis and I am dry rather than oily. Despite this, this product is recommended for oilier skin types due to the additional mattifying properties. On me, I would tend to wear another moisturiser all over and/or an SPF cream. As skin will be sensitised from the acids in this product, an SPF is important.

Saturday 1 February 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #32


A new month, a new theme... circles.

In February I will be taking photos of round things! This first photo was taken in Robin's Nest Emporium- a fabulous second hand/ vintage shop in Fareham, Hampshire. I liked the way the circular lens was captured in the background. These paperweights remind me of my grandmother who used to have one just like the transparent one here. I used to pretend I was Jareth from Labyrinth when I was a kid.