Sunday 2 March 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection

It was about five years ago that I started collecting Mac lipsticks and, as with many people who get into makeup as a hobby, curiousity for trying other brands soon got the better of me! Nevertheless, Mac undeniably make an amazing spectrum of colours and I'm sure I will be adding to the collection at some point in the future.

I also own some limited addition packaging lipsticks in my collection, which I may post separately about one day.

Left to right (clockwise): Creme d'nude, Politely Pink, Plink, Angel, Modesty, Madly Creative, Speed Dial, Snob

Saturday 1 March 2014

The London Eye

I was lucky enough to get to go on the London Eye recently and it was a fantastic experience. Living in the UK, we pretty much say goodbye to the sun in August and then spend all of the Autumn, Winter and often Spring facing week upon week of cold and uninspiring weather. It has been particularly rainy this year. My home town in Kent was terribly flooded in December, and I still believe most of the sportsground is underwater. My heart goes out to those that spent Christmas evacuating their homes and are still coping with water damage, even now as we approach Spring. Thankfully my family were the lucky ones and didn't have any major problems.

Review: DiorBlush Rose Libertine No. 939

Rose Libertine (shade 939) was my pick of the Vibrant Colour Powder Blush range by Dior. For me, this was an investment blush, so I therefore researched it a lot before I finally purchased it. Ideally we would all visit counters before we part with our money, but if you live outside London, that is not always possible for some brands. My research told me that it would be a good shade for my fair skin and I was right! This blush is now the pride of my ever-growing collection. Here's why: