Sunday 25 February 2018

Triptych of the Week #8

As a follow on from last week, here are some more photos from a trip to Lulworth Cove in Dorset a week ago. 

The hill pictured in the first shot felt like a mountain! It's a steep incline and a great workout. You can walk down to Durdle Door, which is what we did. The ducks in the second photo are shot in 'colour pop' mode on the Sony A5000. I love ducks in general and I often photograph them; this image is particularly pleasing in terms of composition and colours- I say this because sometimes the camera doesn't do these beautiful animals justice.

The final picture of Lulworth Cove was taken whilst waiting for cheeseburgers at the mobile van nearby. We'd done our walking and were about to get on the road. This father and son were a lovely subject matter against the backdrop. I wish I'd got more skyline in.

Sunday 18 February 2018

Triptych of the Week #7

Coastal Trip
We had a lovely day trip Lulworth Cove in Dorset this half term break. Here are some coastal-themed offerings from the day.

It was a surprisingly sunny February day, but still with a chilly edge. I composed this triptych of colourful offerings and some texture shots. Shooting with my wider angle zoom lens was probably not the best for the middle photo which would have been a bit crisper with a wider aperture. Nevertheless, the overall triptych is pleasing enough.

I'd highly recommend a trip to this area, whether you're a family or with friends. It was the 'pick me up' we needed at this time of year and the walks offered some much-needed exercise and challenge (expect to be climbing steep hills for the most beautiful views). Tourists are well catered for and it was very busy even at this time of year. There are some also quaint cottages leading to the beach which are fantastic photo opportunities; a fish and chip cafe; a nice gift shop and other little places to buy souvenirs. I took some more shots of the views and Durdle Door, so more to follow next week...

Sunday 11 February 2018

Triptych of the Week #6


I took these photos on Christmas Eve 2017 on a walk around the park. They are all shots of the River Medway in Tonbridge, Kent. 

I brought out the colours by shooting in 'Colour Pop' mode and managed to capture some reflections in the water.

These images capture a stillness and silence, revealing something about the secret lives of those who live by the river.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Triptych of the Week #5


A rainy Saturday, feeling a mixture of weekend release and gloom, coupled with the bittersweet nostalgia which tends to follow me around when I'm in this neck of the woods: my old university stomping ground- this is what this triptych focuses on. 

I used 'miniature mode' on my Sony A5000. It's good fun to play with and seemed fitting for the subject matter. This is Portsmouth Guildhall (just around the corner from where I first lived when I came here at eighteen). I was young, free and troubled, although I didn't really know that at the time. The area is very different from when I was living here all those years ago. Guildhall Walk, once a club-ridden, bustling student hub, is now now relatively sobre (at least by day). There is a Sainsbury's Local in place of the cheesy, meat-market night spot, Walkabout, and a Seven Bone burger place (I recommend it) where once one of the more sedate pubs used to be. I enjoyed parts of the student life- the freedom, for example- but mainly I was just a square peg in a round hole.

Guildhall Square is quite something though. I walked through it every day in that first year and even before I'd decided to settle here for University, the grandness of the buildings impressed me. It makes you feel small when you walk through an area like this, particularly if you come from a humble, small town. And I guess that feeling of being anonymous and insignificant has its pluses and minuses.