Sunday 2 March 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection

It was about five years ago that I started collecting Mac lipsticks and, as with many people who get into makeup as a hobby, curiousity for trying other brands soon got the better of me! Nevertheless, Mac undeniably make an amazing spectrum of colours and I'm sure I will be adding to the collection at some point in the future.

I also own some limited addition packaging lipsticks in my collection, which I may post separately about one day.

Left to right (clockwise): Creme d'nude, Politely Pink, Plink, Angel, Modesty, Madly Creative, Speed Dial, Snob

Most of the colours come out fairly true to colour in the picture above, although Creme d'nude is slightly more pink-toned and less glossy-looking in real life (curse of the Carmex transferring onto the bullet). Snob is also more purple toned and vibrant. The swatches below give a fairly good representation:

Left to right : Creme d'nude, Politely Pink, Plink, Angel, Modesty, Madly Creative, Speed Dial, Snob

My bare lips (natural light)
I'm now going to countdown my least favourite to favourite shades. As a guide, here are my natural lippies (right).

8. Speed Dial: this blue-toned pink is a cremesheen finish which means it is meant to feel creamy and soft on the lips. It is the driest cremesheen that I have ever come across, which means it needs a gloss or balm to be worn with it on me. It is a mid-pink rather than light, as my lips are fairly pale.
Snob: this shade was a gamble for me, but I took the chance as I got this lipstick free with the 'Back to Mac' programme (see the Mac website for details). It is a satin formula, which makes it more matte-looking and dry. On the website, Mac describe this as a light, neutral pink, but I would say it is more lilac-toned than neutral. It is a colour that lots of people like because it gives a girly look, but I don't usually have the courage to wear it! As you can see, my tastes are more conservative in general!

6. Madly Creative: I believe this shade came from a limited edition collection. This is a lipstick that I purchased on ebay (it is genuine). The name definitely drew me in and I do like this lipstick, it's just not my favourite. It has a frosted golden finish and a rosy base tone, which to me make it quite vintage looking. It reminds me of lipsticks from the nineties that I may have worn as a teenager. It is definitely a nice one to own, as it is quite unique.
5. Modesty: this is a cremesheen and described by Mac as a 'muted, neutral pink'. I would agree with the 'muted' part as it is similar to a natural lip colour. I would say it has a brown tone to it, which darkens the colour up a bit. I like this lipstick as it is natural-looking, but I have another colour called Faerie Glen from a limited edition collection, which is my perfect natural, lip-tone, and I therefore tend to use that shade when I want the natural effect.
4. Creme d'nude: described as a 'pale, muted peach-beige' by Mac. I would agree, but I do spot a little bit of pink in there. For this reason, it is a wearable nude on me, providing I sheer it out a little. It is a cremesheen and has good pigmentation, but doesn't leave lips looking 'corpse-like'! Personally, I love the toned-down, underplayed nude look, so it is a favourite for me.
3. Angel: this is a very popular colour and for good reason. It is a soft, light to mid, wearble pink. Even though it is a frost finish, it does not appear shimmery to me. I did own Hue which is a peachier version, but I have lost it, so I am giving this lipstick my number three spot. Just looking at the picture, I can see why it is so mentioned by bloggers.
2. Plink: My top two, most-worn colours are undeniably quite similar, but there are subtle differences. Plink was my first ever Mac lipstick, so it is quite special to me. It is a lustre finish which makes it subtle, moisturising and pretty. It is a light pink colour which looks cool on my lips, but is described as warm-toned by Mac. When compared to Politely Pink it does look warmer. It makes my lips feel happy! Don't expect dramatic, opaque colour with this one; do expect a lovely, glossy everyday colour.
1. Politely Pink: I also got this shade in a 'Back to Mac' and it has turned out to be a colour that I wear frequently. Like Plink you don't need to apply balm, line your lips, or even use a mirror with this. It gives a sweet, shimmery pink, lustre finish which allows you to make more of a feature of your eye or face makeup. Mac describe it as a 'dirty pink', which I don't really understand. I suppose it does have a kind of 'grey' undertone to the shimmer. Overall, this one is a frequent visitor in my handbag, so it reaches the top spot!

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