Wednesday 30 April 2014

Review: Diptyque Candles

Diptyque candles have a cult status among beauty bloggers. Some may say that they are overpriced and a waste of money; I would agree that they are costly, but they are luxury products and if you like to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, you may disagree with the latter opinion.

I purchased the Mimosa candle from SpaceNK some time ago and chose it because of its sweet, floral scent. It was a beautiful candle to own and gave off a strong, but not overpowering scent. This was most welcome when outside it was rainy, cold and Spring seemed a million miles away. I wanted to try Diptyque because of the brand's superior reputation and luxury status, and I wasn't disappointed. Some people spend their hard-earned cash on a night out every weekend, or regular professional beauty treatments, but I prefer to pamper myself at home. Also, they make attractive decorations to hold cosmetics after you're finished.

The second candle I purchased last month was Baies, which is a popular scent and has notes of rose and red fruits. It is less potent than Mimosa, but still fragrances your chosen room with a lovely, delicate scent.

Diptyque candles come in smaller and larger sizes; I opted for the 190g sizes, because I wanted them to last. Diptique say that this size burns for up to 60 hours. I can't really comment on that because I didn't time how long I had my candle lit for. But if you're only burning them a few times a week for 2-4 hours each time, they should last a good few months. If you trim the wick regularly, they burn down fairly levelly. Certainly, you won't be left with a massive crater in the middle like cheaper candles, so you won't waste any of the product.

Will I be buying Diptyque candles in the future? Probably. They are an indulgence, and I may not always choose to spend my money on these things, but they do make your home feel cosy and opulent- so for now, I am enjoying having one at my disposal.

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