Friday 25 April 2014

Review: Nars Blush in Oasis

Oasis is not a Nars blush that I've heard many people talk about. Is this because it is not as eye-catching in the pan as some of the more vibrant offerings? Perhaps, but it is nevertheless a lovely shade on application.

On the Nars website, Oasis is described as a 'sparkling pink champagne', but to me it is more of a berry shade; it is not dissimilar from Sin in this way.

In the pan, Oasis, is very sparkly (this is not picked up on so much in the photo above). On application, the silver sparkles are not prominent and more of a sheen is given. Perhaps in the Summer, the sparkles may show up more in direct sunlight. The pigmentation is strong, and I have to be careful when applying the blush onto my cool-toned, pale skin. It is easy to overload the brush and give a 'bruised' look (due to the plummy undertone). 

This shade (I imagine) would look even more lovely on tanned skin that can carry off heavier blush application. It is definitely one worth considering if you like blushes that are neutral and give a bit of shimmer to the face. On a night out, this is a perfect pairing with a stronger eye look and neutral/ nude lips. 

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