Sunday 11 May 2014

Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat

 The Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes were a much-hyped release a few months back. I researched them a lot before buying and it took me a long time to decide between shades. I decided on Diffused Heat out of the more pigmented blushes of the collection. This, to me, is a happy medium between Radiant Magenta and Luminous Flush in that it is more pinky-coral rather than fushia or reddish-toned. 

I am looking at the swatch on my arm now and the picture I took does not even do it justice. It has a muted, neon quality to it, unobtrusive sparkle and just looks like the adjective 'happy' personified. I love this shade and it really brightens up the complexion with a 'glow'.

The idea behind this product is that it combines Hourglass' famous Ambient Lighting Powder formulation (there are various different versions of this highlighting powder) with a blusher. The marbleized effect means that all pans are different. This has been a complaint from some people in that not all products have consistent ratios of blush vs. powder. I also own Ethereal Glow which contains less blush than I have seen in some photos, but I still love it for its subtlety and put it in a 'favourites' post earlier this month.

The formulation is designed to be swirled, to mix together pigment and highlight. This can create a bit of loose dust, but it shows how soft and easily blendable the finely-milled texture is.

These blushes are a beautiful addition to my collection (and yes, it really is becoming a collection!). I am looking into saving up for Dim Infusion in the future. It is true that there are cheaper alternatives on the market, but many high street/ drugstore brands struggle to get the balance right when it comes to making a shimmery/ glowy blush. Being able to count the glitter particles on my face after I've applied blush is not an effect I want, nor do I want to be scraping the product out of the pan with my brush in order to actually pick up colour. 

Therefore, I whole-heartedly recommend this blush if you want to invest something that gives both highlight and buildable pigment.  

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