Friday 30 May 2014

Ted Baker Shoe Collection

I recently purchased my third pair of Ted Baker shoes. I feel like owning three pairs means that I can call it a collection now! I am not that into shoes in the sense that I rarely go shoe shopping, but the attention to detail in Ted Baker's designs make them really quite beautiful in my opinion. 

Above are the first pair Ted Baker shoes I bought. I found them in TKMaxx over five years ago. They are still in great condition and I love them as much as I did when I picked them up for around £30.

Then, recently I was lucky enough to find these:
The gold detailing is so chic and quirky at the same time. I considered buying these in the ASOS sale for £70. When my eyes locked on these at TKMaxx for way over half the retail price, I had to get them. The colour is a rich brown that goes with everything.

Finally, I managed to get my hands on these amazing heels:
Again, I had seen these and considered saving up for them, but spending £100 on shoes is not a purchase I would make lightly. Where did I find these? You guessed it, TKmaxx! Again, for less than half the price. The rounded toe and mid heel make these both wearable and stylish. Having skinny feet, I may need an insole to make these the perfect fit. I just couldn't pass these up!

Here's what they look like on:
So the moral of the story is: bide your time and if you're meant to own a gorgeous pair of shoes, they will find you (in TKMaxx!).

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