Monday 5 May 2014

These are a few of my favourite things #2 (April 2014)

Currently wearing

Joni Jeans by Topshop 

Stretchy, high-waisted and flattering, these are a staple item for your wardrobe. They suck your tummy in to make you look like you don't enjoy cake quite as much as you do! I have them in an acid wash grey and vintage blue. I love them. They're definitely worth £36, á mon avis.

Currently playing

New York Girls by Bellowhead

Wanting to update my itunes library, I came across this album by Bellowhead. I gave it a listen and was instantly hooked. They are an eleven-piece folk band from the UK and apparently play more than twenty instruments between them. This track is the first of the album, Hedonism, and is so upbeat that it could make doing the washing up (or in my case, marking books) a joyous affair! My youngest brother told me that he saw them play at Exeter's student union, when I mentioned that I had been listening to them recently; I'm very jealous that he was able to see them live as I imagine they are incredible.

Currently applying

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Over the month of April I did a lot of travelling around, and this beauty came with me on every trip. This highlighter shade in Ethereal Glow was initially a slight disappointment in that the product I received (I ordered it online due to having no access to an Hourglass counter) had less pink in it and more of the pale highlighter shade. Once applied, I grew to love the subtly of the blush. I pair it with other blushes to illuminate my cheekbones, and it is just lovely.  

Currently watching

American Horror Story: Asylum

The first series caught my interest a year or so ago and I wasn't disappointed. The first series is set in a haunted house, this one is (as the name suggests) set in a mental hospital. The series are only connected by some of the actors appearing in both; the storylines are separate. It took me a while to get into this season because you have to follow carefully. If you like creepy, bizarre, occasionally kinky thrillers, you'll probably like these! The plot sees a young man admitted to a mental hospital after being wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend; however there are many aspects to the story and some intriguing characters in the hospital, including the demented staff who have their skeletons in the closet. I'm about half way through and its getting interesting...

Currently spritzing

Dryspun Finish, Bumble and Bumble

Having fine hair can be annoying. With me, I'm dealing with a combo of choosing between crazy, or cravy (curly/ wavy) frizz, or straightening it and it looking quite thin and lacklustre! This volumizing spray is not sticky and gives the hair volume and hold. It isn't a miracle-worker, but it's been giving my barnet a bit of oomph. It's pricey, but worth trying (here's a link to check it out). I'm undecided if I'll repurchase, because I like scouting out different options. We shall see.  

Currently reading

Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Rich Fulcher

Rich Fulcher is a hoot! I love him in Snuffbox and can't get enough of watching his episode of Carpool on youtube! He is a funny guy and I received his book for my birthday after putting it on a wishlist. The premise of the book is that it gives you ways to commit social faux-pas for your own pleasure! Its a manual for 'sticking it to the man' as Rich puts it; the 'challenges' are rated by difficulty and there is a tick box for when you manage to commit that particular act of rebellion. It's a hilarious read and Rich's voice really comes through(particularly because it's jewelled with ingenius obscenities); this will make an excellent read to dip into after a day at work.  

Currently eating

Egg & Soldiers by Hotel Chocolat

Look at what my brother gave me for Easter! At the time of writing, I am hoarding this so that I can enjoy it when I'm craving the ultimate chocolate-eating experience. It's almost too amazing to eat...

Currently admiring

Anyone who can sustain a regular fitness plan! Gillian Michaels whipped me last Summer with the 30 Day Shred, but right now it isn't happening. I guess those Egg and Soldiers aren't going to help the matter, but hey ho!

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