Monday 30 June 2014

10 songs to run to...

Ironically, as I write this I have to admit I have been less than proactive with my keep-fit regime recently. Actually, even that's a porky pie- the closest thing to exercise I've done recently is hoovering the house! But before you judge, I am planning a Summer holidays shake-up (more to come on that in a future post!).
Here are 10 of the songs that get me motivated when I go running:

Acapella by Kelis: 
This track has an addictive beat that will get you motivated and helps keep my stamina up. In fact, the whole of Fleshtone is good for running to because of the bass lines and electronica-vibe.

Leave Me Alone I'm Lonely by Pink:  
I've loved Pink since her early days, and even though I have been less into her latest chart stuff, I'm Not Dead and Funhouse are amazing pop-rock albums. Whether you're feeling angsty or just want something to smirk to as you pace the pavements, Pink is your girl!

Run by Gnarls Barkley: 
Well, I had to!

Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis:
I remember my dad playing this when I was young. He was a big Genesis fan in his youth and went to see them live many times. This tongue-in-cheek up-tempo song is another one to both entertain and motivate you.  
Straight Lines by New Musik:
Another choice inspired by my parents, this time my mum. I actually bought this album on itunes after my brother was playing it when I went back home once. New Musik were a synth-pop band from London who made music between the later 70s and early 80s. For me, this is a good song to focus you mid-run.
A Begging I will Go by Bellowhead:
Those that have read my previous music posts may not be surprised to see Bellowhead in my line-up. I love them! The album, Hedonism, helped me keep my stamina the last time I went running and I surpassed myself, considering I am such a sporadic runner. This is orchestral, high-powered modern folk at its best! 
Fly or Die by N.E.R.D:
This track has a chaotic perfection to it.

Kill Joy by N.E.R.D:
OK, you get the idea, I like N.E.R.D. Despite not listening to this quite as much as I used to, these albums filled with creative funk-hip-hop rock and will always have their place in my collection. Younger music fans of the track Happy by Pharrell should really listen to the albums Fly or Die and Seeing Sounds. In Search of is also worth a listen.   
Brave by Kelis:
I couldn't resist coming back to Kelis towards the end of my playlist because this album is an essential for my ipod when I want motivation.

Why Did I Ever Like You by Pink:
And again, keeping it true to what I would listen to, Pink is back for more! I think this is a bonus track from the album Funhouse. Listen out for the link in the lyrics back to the previous Pink track I featured. 

What track inspires you to run? 

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