Sunday 8 June 2014

A few of my favourite things #3 (May 2014)

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Chic, stylish and always in fashion: stripes are definitely a favourite of mine for Spring/ Summer (hell, for all year round!). This loose-fitting tee from Zara is affordable and works with so many different bottoms. This can be worn over leggings or jeans; it can be tucked into skirts or shorts (I'm talking hypothetically there- my legs are way too sorry-looking for shorts at the moment!). I got this in Zara last year, but they still have similar tops in a range of colours. 


I recently purchased a tank top in the same stripey pattern. I love the simplicity of monochrome stripes. 

Currently playing                                                                                                        King of Birds by Karine Polwart 

I came across Karine Polwart recently on a sampler album of folk music. She is a Scottish singer and song writer who has a beautiful, calming voice. I love how her accent comes through on her tracks which reminds me of my Magnet Wickerman album- an authentic folk sound.

Currently applying

                      Bourjois 123 Perfect CC creams

I have done quite a lot of posting about the types of base products I like for my skin type recently. This had not had a big mention, so it's only fair that we discuss it now. The Bourjois CC range has had a fair bit of hype, at least in the UK, and for good reason. For a high street/ drugstore brand, I am really impressed with the way this hides redness and the eye cream works well to improve the look of undereye circles. I alternate this with two or three other bases, but I actually enjoy wearing this as much as the Dior BB cream that is beautiful on the skin. It is great to find something that I can trust to make my dry and tired skin look more alive!
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Father Ted

 For anyone who has not heard of this amazing TV programme from the 90s, you need to experience it. It was written by Graham Lineham who also wrote the IT Crowd. Set on Craggy Island, Ireland, three priests co-habit. All three characters are hilarious in their own ways, largely because they're the most un-priest-like bunch you could imagine. I grew up watching this show and it never, ever gets old for me.

Currently spritzing 
Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

I'd heard of this, but buying body moisturisers is not high on my agenda as I generally have a stock of products from Christmas giftsets that I don't use often enough. I received this in a Glossybox and was interested to give it a whirl. I really like this! I thought it'd be a gimick, but it is great because it encourages me to moisturise. No more do I have to dig my hands into a vat of body butter, getting the stuff embedded under my fingernails and waiting ages for it to sink in. No. You just spray, rub it in, and voila! It sinks into the skin before you've got time to twist the safety cap and put it on your dressing table! 

Currently reading

 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Ok, I'm an English teacher and therefore I'm meant to be a book worm...but I'm not (not until the Summer holidays anyway). This book has been by my bed for a week or so, but I haven't picked it up yet. I want to read it, but I haven't found the drive to get stuck in. Maybe I'm suffering from reader's block. 
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They're good at the moment because they're coming into season. They're red and sweet and delicious; it's almost unbelievable that they're so good for you!
Currently admiring

Oskia Perfect Cleanser

To anyone who swears by soap and water to wash their face, this favourite might seem ridiculous. How can you 'admire' an expensive face wash? Well I can! I can because that half hour of bath time pampering is sometimes the only 'me' time I get on a typical work day; I can because people who have reviewed it have said it's absloutely amazing; and lastly, I can because it's my blog post,so there!

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