Wednesday 4 June 2014

Burberry Make-up Haul and Swatches

I managed to pick up some Burberry make-up recently at a snip of the rrp. Ever since seeing the eyeshadows on beauty blogs and Youtube videos, I was really keen to try them out. The brand is renowned for making stunning wearable colours with luxe packaging.

 Let's take a while to admire the beautiful packaging...
 Of course I picked up some eyeshadows. I chose the shades Rosewood 09 and Pale Barley 22. The shadows have been reviewed as being buttery soft and extremely blendable. Swatching the products, I can testify to this. I cannot wait to try them out on my eyes.

I have read that Rosewood can be duped with Mac's Satin Taupe and Pale Barley with Patina. Have a look at my swatches below. In person, I can see more purple in Satin Taupe which to my mind makes the Burberry shadow more versatile and neutral. Patina looked very similar to Pale Barley in the pan, but I was surprised at how different they swatched. Patina was a lot less pigmented and almost had a green hue compared to the Burberry shade.
Left: Satin Taupe (Mac) and Rosewood (Burberry)     Right: Pale Barley (Burberry) and Patina (Mac)
Left to right: Rosewood, Satin Taupe, Pale Barley, Patina       Top: no flash  Bottom: flash
 I think these shades will be so easy and luxurious to wear. Mac shadows are priced from £10 here in the UK (for a pan-only shadow). Burberry shadows retail at more than twice the price, so it is expected that these high end products should be of superior quality. 

Now onto blush. I chose shade 08, Misty and here it is in all its glory:
 I think this is my perfect blush shade: cool-toned, light (yet highly pigmented) pink and matte. I am in love!
 The final product I picked up was a Lip Glow, lip gloss in the shade Nude Rose 14. The colour is a subtle everyday shade which imparts a hint of colour onto the lips. I have tried this on and it is not sticky, just shiny and pretty.
 I will definitely do a make-up look and review of these products once I can make a fair judgement on whether they are as spectacular products as the pricetag suggests. Until then, I'll let you gawp at the products all together!
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