Thursday 21 August 2014

3 budget-friendly, fun and vibrant lipsticks

Today's post is in protest of the ever-nearing end of the Summer! I know, I know, we've still got plenty of Summer sun left, I'm sure, but I'm looking out the window at clouds at the moment and needed to cheer myself up! Hopefully these budget-friendly lippies will have the same effect on you!

Left to right: Seventeen Manhunt; L'oreal Aphrodite Scarlet; NYX Fig
I have to say that Seventeen's Stay Pout lipstick in Manhunt is an insanely pigmented vibrant orange-red lipstick! It almost took me aback how long it lasted, and even after removing it with micellar water, it stained my lips! It is a comfortable matte to wear compared to some formulations that dry lips out too much.

Aphrodite Scarlet
L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick is a contrast to Seventeen because the formulation is very balmy and light. This lipstick offers a sheer pop of colour, so if you're not feeling daring, this is a great option. Aphrodite Scarlet may not be available anymore, but this range is worth checking out. This shade is a sheer scarlet with some pink reflects in it to make your lips look kissable!

Finally, NYX's Fig is a medium pink which is a very wearable colour and would suit a range of skin tones. Its cream formula makes it easy to wear and the opacity and pigmentation is superb!

What is your favourite lipstick shade for Summer?  
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  1. It's really nice because it's vibrant but definitely an everyday wearable colour. You should hunt it down! x

  2. I love the fig shade too, it's the sort of colour I usually go for :)

    1. I wish NYX was more easily available in the UK because the range of colours is huge! x

  3. Great post! All this shades are totally out of my comfort zone, but maybe i should step out of it :)

    1. They are a bit for me too, but sometimes it's fun to branch out and do something different with your make-up! I checked out your blog by the way and I love your collection of sneakers! x