Monday 8 September 2014

A Few of my Favourite Things #6 (August 2014)

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  Comfy jumpers

Summer is well on its way out and this means that the jumpers come out in full force. This olive jumper from Topshop is warm and nicely oversized- perfect to throw on with skinny jeans. The colour is perfect for Autumn and I love the neckline. 

If you love comfy Autumn jumpers, look out for a future post about my favourites for this season!

Currently playing 

River run by Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon's voice is absolutely stunning. This song, originally released by Suddenly Tammy, was written about River Phoenix. Even before I knew that, the song is so emotive that it can make me cry. I could have chosen many songs from this album, but this is one that stands out for me. If you want something to calm you down or soothe away the stress of a hard day at work, buy this album, light some candles and let Dillon do her magic!
Currently applying 

                     Nars Sheer Glow foundation

When I first purchased this foundation, I neglected it a bit. Because it offers a medium coverage, I found it hard to work with, being used to wearing lighter creams. Once I figured out that I needed to prep my skin well with a moisturiser and follow the 'less is more' mantra, this suddenly began working wonderfully. I find blending it in with my fingers makes it look more natural. This really is a beautiful product and one that I would probably re-purchase again once I finish the bottle. I reviewed it a little while ago here and I think I love it even more than I did when I wrote the review. This is one of those products that lives up to the hype it gets, at least in my opinion. 

Currently watching

Australia's Next Top Model  

I've been watching cycle 7 of Australia's Next Top Model online and loving it. The problem with these types of shows is that you watch one episode, then you want to watch all of them! Cycle 7 is the latest one I managed to watch in its entirety and it was great fun! I liked Izzy, Rachel and Liz the best, they seemed down to earth and humble, unlike some of the other contestants. I love the photography aspect of these series. It's fascinating to see the creative shoots that take place and see how they are critiqued the the panel at the end.

Currently spritzing 
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

I'm currently spritzing this for one main reason: I want to use it up! A few years ago I got bought this for Christmas as I really loved the scent, however I feel like I've outgrown it now. It is sweet and fruity, but I find it overly so. This is a nice scent, but with perfume I prefer to own a select few that I adore, rather than hoarding scents that I don't feel fit with my personality. This is a really fun and young scent, but not sophisticated or subtle.

Currently reading

Beauty and Lifestyle blogs

Although I have been reading many fantastic blogs, these three have stood out to me in terms of helping me to improve my own blog over the month of August:

Media Marmalade  is a beautiful fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with lots of outfit inspiration in the form of enticing photography. I have the post, How to take great photos for your blog, saved in my bookmarks because it is so helpful for me to refer to as I am getting to grips with a new camera. 

From Roses is always a great read with a variety of lifestyle and beauty posts. The photography of products really draws you in every time (the blog design and photo composition is so simple and classy), but the posts are always heartfelt and interesting to read, whether it be finding out what make-up Rebecca is enjoying, or what her thoughts are on life at that particular moment in time. This is a really inspirational blog for me to read.

Sweet Electric  is another blog that has really helped and inspired me this month as I have been making improvements to mine. It is another beauty and lifestyle blog with so many helpful html-related posts. I like that Zoe keeps her posts quite short a lot of the time, so you are not overwhelmed with information. 

Currently eating

Nakd Bars 
As part of my desire to curb my chocolate and cake consumption, I bought some Nakd bars on offer in Tescos last month. I do suggest trying to get these on offer because they're not the cheapest snack out there, but they are a better choice to satisfy sugar cravings. The ingredients are fruit and nuts, nothing else. I will admit that they aren't as delicious as the unhealthier options (at least in my opinion), but they do keep you satisfied and they taste good. My favourite one I've tried so far is the 'Cocoa Orange' flavour.

Currently admiring
Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens

I have been looking at potential lenses for my new Sony a5000 and this one really appeals to me. I am new to photography and want to be able to compose photographs of people with background blurring. This large apperture lens seems like it would do the job. I will be doing some more research and saving before I decide whether to buy this one. Any tips from people who know what they're talking about would be very welcome!

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  1. viva la juicy i so gorgeous i was so tempted to buy a bottle in duty free at the airport! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I was actually looking at your lovely pictures yesterday! Viva La Juicy is a nice, fun girly scent (if that's what you like!). x

  2. That Nars foundation is amazing :)

  3. I'm wearing it now and it makes your skin look so even- love it! Thanks for all your comments x

  4. That jumper is beautiful!

    xx Sera

  5. I had a peep at ur blog- great styling in your photoshoots! I love that jumper too and it's quite a unique colour, even for Topshop. x