Friday 12 September 2014

My Top 5 Autumn Jumpers

It's that time of the year when you start raiding your wardrobe for a comfy jumper. No longer can you get away with strolling outside with just a T-shirt on: Autumn is officially here! 

I have built up quite a collection of jumpers over the last few years because, in my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than wrapping up as the weather starts to get cold. Personally, I look out for cotton blends rather than 100% acrylic because I prefer the texture and find high content acrylic items can quickly lose shape when washed. The knitwear in my collection was bought mainly last year, often in sales, therefore you will probably not find these exact items. You may, however, enjoy snooping a look at what knitwear I love to wear from Autumn into Winter: these are my top 5!
Herringbone: This pattern is so chic and smart. I love my American Apparel sweater. I picked it up in a sale in a unisex size 'small'. This pattern never really goes out of fashion, so it's quite easy to find herringbone pieces, especially accessories like scarves.

Forest green: My Monki jumper is such a lovely flattering shade. I think this Isa knitted top is available in new colours now. 

Boucle: This type of knit can look rustic and unique if done in the right colours. I think I picked the QED London brand jumper from New Look a few years ago. The brown colour with multicolour accents looks laid back and quite 'folky' (which works for me, being a bit of a 'folkie' myself!).

Olive: I put off buying the olive clean rib jumper, so was delighted to pick it up this year in the sale. This style of jumper comes out in different colours throughout the year at Topshop.

Mustard: This shade is popular for Autumn and I can see why. Yellow can be quite an intimidating shade for some people to try and pull off, but mustard, on the other hand, is far more flattering against a range of different mix of colourings! I love my River Island cropped jumper in this shade. I also have it in navy and love the length for wearing with skirts and high-waisted jeans.
What is your favourite jumper/ sweater?
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  1. These are all gorgeous and have put me much into the Autumn mood! Theyre all lovely colours :)

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I loved selecting them (I have quite a jumper collection!) x

  3. Cute green one! Love your blog! I am a follower now!

    Juliana Grace |

    1. Thank you Juliana! I love that green colour for Autumn too!

  4. I had a look and your blog looks interesting with great photos x