Thursday 16 October 2014

Side by Side review: Urban Decay Naked Basics vs. Naked 2 Basics

Top: Naked Basics       Bottom: Naked 2 Basics 
I just purchased the Naked 2 Basics palette by Urban Decay. Being a make-up hoarder of sorts, I've cut back on purchasing cosmetics a lot recently. It hasn't actually been very difficult because I love the products in my collection and really enjoy using what I have. Having said that, this recent purchase was a no-brainer: I had to have it!

Here's my take on the two wonder-palettes, side by side:

Top row: Naked Basics- Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint, Crave (left to right)
Bottom row: Naked 2 Basics- Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone (left to right)
Venus vs. Skimp:
Venus  is a fabulous white-beige shimmer- perfect for inner corner highlight. It's Naked 2 Basics rival, Skimp, is a yellow-peach shimmer which I can wash all over the lid for a beautiful, natural eye. For the fact that I will be getting my money's worth (in terms of usability): Skimp wins!

Foxy vs. Stark:
Foxy is great for blending out shadows or as a base shade, however it is quite yellow-toned (and I am not!). Stark  is more peachy. On the lid it looks really quite natural and beautiful- not 'stark' at all! For wearability: Stark wins!

W.O.S vs. Frisk:
Walk of Shame is a much-used, pale matte pink. It is so subtle, but so useful for barely-there make-up. It is also great to blend away harsh lines. Frisk is a light taupe. It is similar to Naked 2 in colour depth and pigment, but greyer toned. It is pretty much my ideal eye shadow! Therefore: Frisk wins!

Naked 2 vs. Cover:
Naked 2 is the shade from the Naked Basics that I have used the most (closely followed by W.O.S). It is a light brown taupe- a perfect colour to wash all over the lid for work. It can take my eyes from 'asleep' to 'awake' in a few seconds of application. Cover is a darker cool matte brown. It could be applied all over the lid, but I prefer it in the crease for emphasis. As I tend to apply and go on weekdays, this is no contest: Naked 2 wins!

Faint vs. Primal:
Faint and Primal are two of the most similar colours in the palettes. Faint is a slightly darker, more richly pigmented brown; whereas Primal has more coolness to it and swatches slightly more patchy (although it can be built up very quickly and by any standards is still a lovely, buttery shadow). Because I use these types of shades for definition: 
Faint wins!

Crave vs. Undone:
Crave is a matte black with great pigmentation; Undone is a dark grey matte with equally good pigmentation. Both need a few swipes to get an opaque swatch, but they have good staying power. I only use dark eyeshadows for smoking out evening looks or as liner, so they tend to get used less often. Saying that, Undone is less harsh and more unique to my collection, therefore: Undone wins!

So the results are:
Naked Basics: 2Naked 2 Basics: 4- Naked 2 wins!

It doesn't surprise me that Naked 2 Basics comes out on top. I fell in love with it at first sight and the cooler taupe theme tailors it perfectly to my colouring. Both palettes are great little investments; their shade pigmentation, neutral colours and the handbag-friendly size make it perfect for taking anywhere with you.

The new palette will join its older sister as a much-loved gem of my collection. For me, these are well worth the money because I use these colours nearly every day.

Do you own either of these palettes?
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