Saturday 8 November 2014

A few of my Favourite Things #8 (October)

AA Cable Knit Pullover in Blossom;
Topshop Joni Jeans 

Currently wearing

 Cable knit

I took a big spending plunge with cable knit recently and purchased an American Apparel Cable Knit Pullover. Then I might have been really naughty and purchased a second one! After spending years buying cheap clothing, I now value 'investment pieces' so much more. The quality of these knits are great and the cropped fit suits my petite frame. I prefer a high content cotton mix because I feel these are more hardy and long-lasting than acrylic. These cable knit sweaters go with absolutely anything and can be made to look smart for work with a pencil skirt or suit trousers. I am so happy I paid a bit more because these are going to be staples in my wardrobe for years to come.

Currently playing 

Byker Hill by The Imagined Village

The Imagined Village were in my last month's favourites and here they are again! I purchased the album Empire and Love a month ago and love it just as much as the other two albums I own from  this modern folk band. This album features a mellow version of Scarborough Fair and this song, Byker Hill, which I first discovered through Bellowhead's  uptempo version. This version is very different: a stripped-back, more classic-sounding folk song, until (and this is what I adore about The Imagined Village) it reaches dramatic heights with its stirring instrumental crescendo. I implore you, even if you're not a folk fan, click the link above and give this a listen.

Currently applying 

                     Caudalie Vinoperfect moisturiser SPF15

If you read my last 'empties' post, you'll know I've recently used up my Sarah Chapman daytime moisturiser and I've replaced it with this. I like Caudalie as a brand because they tend to make trustworthy products that my skin enjoys. This moisturiser appealed to me because it claims to brighten the complexion and gives some sun protection. Even in the Winter, I want to protect my skin from the sun and I also want to try and keep scars and dark spots as unnoticeable as possible. It applies lightly and isn't overly greasy on my dry skin- so far, so good! I don't know if it's as rich and luxurious as my previous moisturiser, but I will definitely continue to use it to give it a full trial.
Currently watching

Horror films on Netflix 

Netflix has taken over my desire to watch Youtube recently because you have all sorts of series and films at your fingertips. I spent Halloween night watching some great creepy films (although I love horror films, no matter what the season!). Here's what I watched, just in case you're in the mood for a frightening/ bizarre film evening:

Child's Play (1988):
This classic 'Chucky' film is brilliantly cheesy and amusing. I think if I'd have watched this when I was younger, I would have found it terrifying, but watching it as an adult is just pure entertainment, especially some of the acting!

The Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane (1976): 

This was a neat little find. It features the brilliant Jodie Foster as a thirteen year old girl with a big secret. The synth soundtrack put a smile on my face (it's 70s gold), but the plot is good and there is some humour to be enjoyed despite the dark subject matter.

The Stepfather (2009):
I'd watched this once before and enjoyed it, so I was happy enough to watch it again. It is partly a teen horror (there's plenty of flesh on show), but it has a gripping thriller plot. The man who plays the stepfather (Dylan Walsh) does a good job at the role of a psychopathic killer!

Currently spritzing 
Ojon Revitalizing Moisture Mist

Another hair product this month- this time a leave-in conditioner. You can see from the amount of product left that I've enjoyed using this. A leave-in conditioner is a must for those with bleached hair like mine. I find that this spray is light, yet allows me to get a comb through my towel-dried hair much easier. This smells nice, not too over-powering at all. Ojon is not a cheap, but as a treat it is superior to many cheaper brands. I won't re-purchase this with any urgency, but it is a product I wouldn't mind owning again. it does the job and it does it well! 

Currently reading

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (still!)

I've just not been good at reading recently (I blame Netflix!). Weirdly, I love this book so far, but I've just not set aside time to get stuck in enough. 

Currently eating

Galaxy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
If you love Nutella, this (in my opinion) is a more delicious version! I found this in Tesco's and have since bought three tubes over the last few months. It has the creamy, addictive taste of Galaxy chocolate with a nutty taste. This is delicious on waffles, crumpets or on toast- basically anything lightly toasted, so that the spread melts slightly! Not the healthiest, I know, but needs must!

Currently admiring
Diptyque Holiday Candles

I recently finished up my Diptques Baies candle and I'm sad not to currently have another in stock! These luxury candles throw scent like no other and make a room so homely and relaxing to sit in. I've been admiring these holiday candles on SpaceNK  recently. There's nothing that makes the cold weather more tolerable, or the festive season more exciting than a gorgeous warming scent in the home. If I find myself near SpaceNK over the next month or so, I will definitely be giving these a sniff!

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