Sunday 2 November 2014

Where I've been lately and a few comments on blogging...

So there's been a blogging drought recently. I've been on half term and have been proactive with marking, but less so with this hobby of mine. I've started to think about why, but all I can think is that sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries. Although blogging is hugely enjoyable for me, I've actually just enjoyed taking a break from it.

The problem, of course, is that once I'm back into my 6am-7pm average working day, blogging doesn't happen during the week. This makes me sad, but then I have to remember that this is a hobby, and my work is my vocation- one I'm lucky to have.

Many fantastic bloggers and content makers out there do this for a profession, and they work hard to keep posts and videos flowing. Like many people who may stumble across this blog, I read popular blogs and watch the likes of Anna, Estee and the Saccone Joly's on Youtube. I really enjoy their content and tune in a good few times a week. But it has struck me recently how there are less and less bloggers and vloggers that are simply doing it for fun anymore. 

I can remember watching Youtube five or six years ago and there seemed to be more people making content as a hobby. Were there less PR- motivated videos and posts, or were we just less aware of those that made money from their posts? I know that Youtube and the blogging world has changed and that it is possible to make a career out of it, so I don't blame people for grabbing opportunities as they come along. I guess I'm just curious to see what people think of blogs (like mine) that reach a small audience: do readers regularly re-visit out tiny, hobby-blogs? Or is it really those blogs that are someone's livelihood that draw in the regular readers? Either way, I am not going away- I love writing too much!

To change the subject and sum up my week off, here are a few things I've been up to this lately: 
I went to see the new series of Birds of a Feather being filmed at Pinewood Studios- a fun evening out and it was great to see Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph (fabulous ladies!)

Lots of baking, eating and some drinking happened- well it was Halloween!

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  1. I completely agree with you, sometimes we do need to take a step back and recharge our batteries, it doesn't mean that we don't enjoy what we do. People have a break from their work, so it's essentially the same thing, even if it is our hobby. Love this post :) xx

    Blog With Laura

    1. Thanks Laura- a break has done me good I think x