Wednesday 14 January 2015

Review: Jo Malone Cologne Collection

Jo Malone colognes are hailed by many as being some of the most beautiful and luxurious fragrances on the market. With no counter in easy reach and so many scents available, I decided to purchase a collection of six 9ml size colognes. Let me start by saying, I was hoping to be amazed, but never have I been so in love so quickly...

These perfumes are expensive. There's no way of dressing it up, when you purchase Jo Malone, you are spending a lot on something you don't need. I already own lots of lovely perfumes and continue to get a lot of enjoyment out of wearing them. This purchase, for me, was a way to treat myself after a very tough week back at work. If you work hard and don't always get to play hard, a few luxury purchases here and there are always good for morale I think!
The packaging is so simple and sophisticated and it came with a black bow which sadly I couldn't put back on for the photo! The box in itself is something I will keep and treasure. It's incredibly well made and sturdy.

The collection includes some fragrances that I was keen to try before I took plunge and invested in the future. The two that appealed to me most were Peony & Blush Suede and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I was expecting them to be lovely, but when I spritzed them onto my wrists I was in heaven. Pure heaven.
Lime Basil & Mandarin:
I could see this being a fragrance that would work as well on men as on women. What I've found to be a common feature of the Jo Malone fragrances is that you can actually pinpoint the notes. In this case, the lime and mandarin really come through. The citrus notes are fresh and sharp with the peppery basil punctuating the fragrance. As you wear it, this one becomes softer and more subtle, yet still fresh. This is apparently the signature scent of the brand and one I will really enjoy using, but won't repurchase as it isn't really my cup of tea.

Blackberry & Bay:
This is a soft, fresh scent which smells like a bramble bush with juicy blackberries. It's just the right balance between the sweetness of the fruit and green leaves. I feel like this would be a beautiful, yet fun and carefree everyday scent. There's something very pure and idyllic about the sweet fruitiness of Blackberry & Bay. It's absolutely stunning.

Peony & Blush Suede:
Sophisticated sweetness comes through in the floral notes of the peony, jasmine and rose. Red apple gives this scent some freshness and the suede is probably what grounds the fragrance and makes it feel grown up and luxurious. I absolutely adore this scent and I did from the first time I applied it and let it dry down. I think I may well purchase a full size at some point this year.

Amber & Lavender:
I can tell that this set has been put together with a lot of thought as this spicy scent is a contrast to some of the more feminine colognes. This is definitely a unisex scent. Lavender is usually associated with relaxation and softness, but combined with the amber it is strong, punchy and warm. For night, this would be a good pick if you like a spicy, warm option; there's something quite sexy about its androgynous nature. For me, it is an interesting take on lavender. I like it, but it isn't one I would re-purchase personally.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt:
People say this is original and I can see what they mean. Sometimes when people say fragrances are unique they tend to be boisterous, divisive scents when you try them. This is none of those things, but it is unusual. It is a fresh, woody scent which smells like a calm walk by the sea. There are no sharp, pungent 'men's cologne' notes here; in fact, the fragrance is so subtle that the smell of salt and sage almost come in waves when you smell them, rather than overpowering you all at once. This is a magical scent. 

If it wasn't already clear, I'm absolutely bewitched by this taster of the Jo Malone fragrances and I feel like I've really spoiled myself. If you're thinking of trying Jo Malone, or trying new scents, this is a really good way to do it. Sadly, I think this particular collection is now difficult to find. I purchased it online at House of Fraser in the UK; although they don't have this collection, they do have a newer collection and it is also available on the Jo Malone website.

I'd love any more recommendations on other Jo Malone scents I could try, so please let me know of your experiences of this brand.
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  1. The Wood Sage and Sea Salt was my favorite perfume last year. I adore it. You should really try the Dark collection!

    1. I love that one too. It's really subtle, but beautiful. Thanks for your recommendation x