Thursday 6 August 2015

Review: Nars Silent Nude blush (Christopher Kane Collection)

Part of the Nars Christopher Kane collection, released a month or so ago, Silent Nude is a colour that speaks to me as a pale woman. It is a perfect matte bronzer colour which can be used to add colour to the cheeks and to contour. This is limited edition, so won't be around forever and therefore is worth looking into sooner rather than later if you're interested...

In comparison to other bronzers I own, Silent Nude is a fairly close match to The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer which is more affordable, but more brown than less peachy in person. So why other with the Nars option? The texture is softer and the colour manages to lean just enough towards peach to wear on the cheeks all year round. But then I could be biased because I adore Nars blushes full stop.

Here are some side by side images and swatches for your perusal: 

 Overall, this is great for pale people who might be intimidated by bronzer products and want to play it safe. It can be built up to achieve a deeper look. The image of me wearing Silent Nude shows a fairly light application, but you can see that I have contoured with it and it produces a natural look.

Let me know whether you bronze or contour and what products you have found that work for your skin tone. 
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