Sunday 22 November 2015

Things That I'm Currently Enjoying (November 2015)

Casio Watch:
My Casio digital watch in gold with a brown leather strap was a gift from a loved one. I never wore watches before getting this, but as it is dainty and I have scrawny wrists, it is perfect. I used to have one in black and silver as a child, so it has a nostalgic feel for me, but with the colour combo, it has a grown-up edge. It goes with all outfits and as I tend to wear more gold than silver accessories nowadays, it looks classy for a digital watch. I love it! 

Birdy 'People Help the People':  

I've had my eyeballs on this album for a while and I know she's released new material since, but I decided to download her self-titled collection of covers for a train journey recently. This song is never more relevant than now, what with the Paris attacks and also the cold weather setting in and making life tougher for those with no home. 

This is a very emotive song which I loved from first listen when it was played on the radio years ago. The rest of the album is good if you're in a reflective mood or on a long journey and like to watch the world go by to some soothing musical accompaniment. Birdy's voice is both angelic and soulful; considering she was only 15 when her first album was released, she is a great talent.

This is a gorgeous, easily-absorbed moisturiser which would suit many skin types because it is light, but leaves skin so smooth and hydrated. I've re-purchased this a number of times over the years and gone back to it because nothing feels and smells as lovely to wear in the daytime. It is perfect for Autumn and Winter when you don't need higher SPF in the UK.
Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - Refill with Travel Case - 30ml - 30ml
Molecule 01(by Escentric Molecules):
This was bought out of pure curiosity some time ago and I have worn it infrequently until now. It is a woody scent which varies depending on how it reacts with your skin. It is light, but is meant to smell amazing to other people when you wear it. I only smell it on myself when I first apply it, then now and again I get the odd burst of fragrance throughout the day. It is subtle, and apparently smells nice on me!

 (clipped to

This gorgeous book was pre-ordered from Amazon as soon as I heard about it! Amazing British make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge, has compiled a stunning range of images from fashion photography across the ages and shots of vintage make-up items from her own collection. She takes you through the history of make-up, including how products were formulated throughout the ages and how attitudes to wearing 'face paint' have changed. It is an interesting read and a classy edition to any cosmetics-lovers coffee table.
The Apprentice (BBC 1):
I didn't get into The Apprentice last year, but I am really enjoying this series so far. The format is largely the same as previous years, with business tycoon, (Lord) Alan Sugar, putting contestants through a series of amusing business-based tasks; the big-headed bozo's boasting about how amazing they are; and of course stupid mistakes being made left, right and centre. The edition of Claude (Alan's long-time trusted associate) as a replacement of the distinguished Nick Hewer actually works well. I was a bit unsure of how Claude might manage to step out of his former role in the show. Previously, he was part of the final interview process and took the stance of an old-school headteacher about to cane naughty pupils. Thankfully he doesn't steal Sugar's thunder and largely manages to take a step back. He also just about pulls off the pleasing scowls of disgust that Hewer was so loved for (although Nick is more of a pro). 

The contestants are now so aware of the process that it is quite entertaining to see them try and blame each other for the failure of the task as soon as they even begin it. They desperately want to frame each other for the team's inadequacies as the task goes on; it's a prime example of how awful these so-called 'management-types' can be- but of course, it makes great TV!
Galaxy chocolate spread:

This stuff is like Nutella, but better! It goes well on waffles or crumpets- I even add it to unsweetened porridge to make it chocolatey and delicious. 

It's not healthy, but it's good for soul!

And this is where things get exciting!

I made a purchase yesterday that may just have changed my life beyond all recognition. I bit the bullet in the early Black Friday sale at Argos online and purchased this beauty!

The Dyson Animal DC40 is the type of hoover I have had 
my eye on for a few years now. I have purchased a couple of budget-friendly vacuum cleaners over the years, but they have always lost suction after a months of use. For someone like me, who is on the OCD spectrum in terms of dirt, dust and hairs (yuck!) around the house, I wanted something reliable that would avoid me having to rely on manually hoovering with the nozzle to get any decent pick-up. 

This is well and truly the vacuum cleaner of my dreams!

I do realise that it might sound daft, but I guess your priorities and outlook change as you get older! This was worth putting some of my hard-saved cash towards and I will be enjoying doing some weekly housework more than I ever thought possible! 

So let me know what you have been enjoying of late!

Have you tried the Galaxy spread? 
Do you watch The Apprentice
Have you ever fallen in love with an inanimate household item?
I'd love to hear from you!
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  1. Oooh, I might be showing my age here, but I like that hoover! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hear more suction news :) ... question is, does it do stairs? Tx

    1. It does it all! I'm glad someone shares my love of cleaning implements! x