Sunday 8 January 2017

A Fix for Dehydrated Skin: Votary Facial Oil

Votary Facial Oil works wonders for the parched
Looking beautiful on my dressing table currently is the Votary Rose Maroc and Sandalwood Facial Oil. In its green glass bottle, it is a handsome looking little wonder. I received this as part of my Liberty of London advent calendar, and it has to be said that the price tag of £65 is eye-watering. Saying that, using only a few drops every evening means that it will last a very long time. But how good is this niche product?

The oil claims to rehydrate and fight inflammation, particularly in colder months when skin is subjected to fluctuations between the cold weather and the central heating indoors. Containing natural oils, the smell is part of the luxury that you are buying into; it is not overly strong, but the scent is beautiful and you can pick up on the rose and the sandalwood. It is a rich and substantial oil, not one of those that slides all over the place or feels greasy, but it somehow becomes one with your skin as you gently press it in. People will be pleased to hear that you do not feel overly 'oily' or sticky. In fact, it doesn't take long to feel like it is sinking in and working some magic.

The results I have had from this have been very pleasing. Having had some red and flaky dry patches recently, these were quickly taken care of within a day or so of first application. When I think back to how my skin was before I started a proper skincare regimen, I used to have constant dullness, flaking and my foundation would often look dreadful (to the point of wanting to take it all off). This is an oil that I feel works to rejuvenate, rather than simply resting on the surface of the skin and not really taking much action.

Overall, I would recommend trying the Votary oils if you have an opportunity. As a treat, I may even look into their other oils in the future; they offer cleansing and treatment oils in their small, but intriguing range and can be purchased at Liberty.

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