Sunday 5 February 2017

3 New Nars Products (including Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla)

The Soft Matte Complete Concealer is a new release from Nars alongside some primers. Always keen to protect my pale skin from the aging effects of the sun, I purchased the Smooth & Protect SPF50 option and, I must say, I am really impressed. The Nars All About Eve eyshadow duo has been on my wishlist for over two years, so I was excited to finally own it.

All About Eve isn't a new release, but it is new to me- well,
kind of! I own the original Narsissist Palette that came out
well over a year ago which features the right hand shade from the duo. It is a gorgeous shimmery beige which is one of the least chunky, most glowy and natural eyeshadows I've ever owned. It is work-friendly and barely perceptible until you blink your eyes and a subtle gleam of brightness is revealed! Nars describe it as a 'luminous matte cream' which would lead people to think it is a matte. It is not. It is certainly 'luminous' though.

The left hand shade is very similar, but more shimmery and slightly rosy in hue. These shades are the epitome of classy, understated eye make-up. You could wear them singularly as all over the lid colours, or use the left hand shade as a crease colour. They could also be worn as a highlighter for the brow bone or even on the cheekbones.  

The Nars Smooth & Protect Primer is a great product. I expected it to be a little glossy like I have found with some primers (even those that also claim to be oil free); however this is a rather thick, yet easily applied texture. It contains some silicone which is what gives it the mattifying, 'blurring' quality. It claims to blur fine lines and pores which it does appear to achieve. Applying this product made my skin feel incredibly smooth, nourished and protected- a real joy to put on. I cannot currently comment on the efficacy of the sun protection as there is no sun in the UK at the moment, but it did make my make-up apply better than it usually would compared to other primers I have used. I would love to try the Radiant version as it contains SPF35 and offers a solution for dull complexions- and aren't we all feeling a bit 'dull' at this time of year!

Finally, the new exciting Soft Matte Complete Concealer
really appealed to me. Anything that claims to offer high coverage for my monstrous dark circles makes gets my interest! This product contains peptides and hyaluronic acid- ingredients known for decreasing the look of fine lines. It is easy to apply with a small brush from the pot and I find works best when patted in with the fingertips. It is certainly soft and matte, but it is not as hydrating as the Radiant Creamy Concealer. On the flip side, it also creases less. If applied carefully, it shouldn't crease at all. For dry under-eyes, an eye cream is a must beforehand, nevertheless, once applied it does offer a pretty good coverage which, in my case, should be conservatively built up. It has occurred to me that mixing the two concealers might result in the most amazing concealer ever! I'll try it and you'll hear about it if I prove to be correct!

Compared to the Vanilla shade in the Radiant Creamy Concealer, it is a slightly deeper and pinker shade. As pink is known to be good for counteracting blue dark circles, this should work well for people who wear Vanilla. For me, I am more purple under the eyes, so it doesn't completely erase them, but they are certainly tamed down so they don't announce my fatigue to the world.

Overall, my first impression is that this is a really nice and effective concealer for high (but not complete) coverage. The array of shades available is also a major plus point.

What is on your Nars wishlist? 

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