Thursday 9 February 2017

A Photo a Day #40

1/10     F5.6     ISO 100

Another in my mini series which takes inspiration from famous artworks. These fabulous earrings are from the Sharima Aperture collection from Stilnest. They feature an art deco inspired design with the option to wear the 'lash' motif on the back of the earring or take it off and just wear the 'eyes' as normal studs. 

Whilst eagerly awaiting the delivery of these stunning earrings, I got the idea to do this shot. It took a lot of playing around to get the result I did; the head position isn't perfect, but I did achieve some of the shadows and light of the original. Studying Johannes Vermeer's painting was good fun and it made me remember how enjoyable it is to immerse yourself in paintings- something I did a lot of as an art student when I was a teenager.
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