Sunday 12 March 2017

A Cheery Blush for a Gloomy Sunday: Suratt Ponceau

This gorgeous bright poppy hued powder blush by Suratt looked a bit loud for my pale complexion until I tried it recently. I came across it in my 2016 Liberty advent calendar, but wasn't in love with the shade at first sight. Now I love it!
Ponceau swatches as a red-toned bright pink.

It's highly pigmented, so you need to be conservative with it unless you are blessed with a deeper skintone. I used a stippling brush and dipped it lightly into the petite powder compact, dabbed it on my cheekbones and I was pleasantly surprised by the effect! This really livens up a pasty face and is perfect for the Spring and Summer months.

The compact is tiny and features a sliding lid; it's definitely a blush you could fit into a small bag. You get 0.2 oz (6g) of product for the handsome sum of £30, so the price point is not for everyone, but it is a lovely shade that you could find a dupe for.

In summary, if you need a bit of cheer to launch you into Spring, this may well be a shade to try.

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