Sunday 5 March 2017

A Photo a Day #64

1/60     F4.0     ISO 800

Liberty of London department store is probably the most famous in the city due to its traditional 1920's Tudor revival building. The store is just stunning even as you walk through the front doors where there are beautiful flower displays. The Grade II listed building is so charming with its squeaking staircases and traditional woodcarved features. 

The luxury goods on offer range from (my favourite) beauty brands- many of which which are very niche- to homewear and objets d'art. The staff are also very approachable and come across as if they value every customer. Regular customers may spend a fortune, but even a lowly serf like myself without the means to go wild with a credit card has received excellent service on the occasions where I've purchased anything there. 

This view from one of the upper floors highlights the beauty of this fabulous shopping haven.
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