Tuesday 22 August 2017

3 Fragrances for Formal Occasions

Whether it be for an evening out at the theatre, an event or another fancy location, I've picked 3 fragrances that I would consider as grown up, sophisticated scents. 

Chloe, Love Story: a white floral
This light, fresh floral scent reminds me of the type of perfumes my grandmother would have liked, but that is not to say that it is in any way 'granny-ish', rather it is a classic floral scent. It has notes of orange blossom, neroli and jasmine and reads as a formal scent for me because it is so fresh and 'white', almost like clean linen with petals lying on top. 

Some people could find this quite boring, but the sobriety of it makes it perfect for a job interview, work, or even a funeral. It is unobtrusive, yet can still be detected on the skin after 6-8 hours, more so on clothing. It is the smell of a pretty woman , with emphasis on 'woman'.

Chanel, Allure: a floral, fresh oriental
My goodness me, this is a beautiful, womanly scent. I have tried Chanel No. 5 on a few occasions and although it is iconic, it isn't for me. Allure is one of the less spoken about Chanel fragrances, but to me it is the most charming and wearable, yet still feels 'expensive'. The most prominent notes are mandarin, peach, rose and vanilla and it feels very well-blended and creamy, yet with a potency that clings onto the skin.

The longevity of the eau de parfum is excellent, giving over 8 hours of wear on the skin and days on clothing. It is strong, confident, but not as pungent like No. 5. I wear this scent to work sometimes (but I avoid being too liberal with it!) It would make a lovely date night fragrance.

La Labo, The Noir 29: a spicy fig and tea scent
I bought this as a special birthday treat from Liberty in London and I adore it. The niche brand, La Labo is special as they concoct the fragrance in front of you and label the bottle with your name. In my opinion, this scent is so unique and sensual. The top notes of fig and bay leaf combine so beautifully with the cedar wood, vetiver and finally black tea note at its base. It has the contradiction of sweet and smokiness to it which I find very appealing. It manages to be gentle and fresh, yet it makes me feel strong and womanly at the same time with its smoky edge. 

Before investing in this scent I trialled many samples of the La Labo range as well as trying a few on at the counter. I would never blind buy from La Labo as it is a premium brand and also the experience of going to the counter is part of the joy. I wore this to a wedding this Summer and it lasted 6-8 hours. 

What fragrances do you enjoy for more formal settings? 

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