Sunday 27 August 2017

Review: Mac Modern Twist Kajal Eyeliners

These mechanical, twist up style liners come in an array of colours and finishes, from black, to shimmery taupe to green. I have the shades Grey Tide, Groundbreaker, Ocean Liner, Nothing On and Polar Ice. I've owned most of them for quite some time and I use them almost daily. Here are my thoughts and swatches.

Ocean Liner is a shimmery navy shade which is dark enough to be worn everyday without looking too daring. I like how it looks on my coloured eyes. Sometimes I wear it on the whole waterline, however I just wore it on the outer third in the photo with Grey Tide on the mid inner waterline.

Grey Tide is my favourite eyeliner of all time! Yes, that is a big claim, but true. It is creamy (as they all are), subtle and shimmery, bringing light to the eyes in a way that nothing else does.

Groundbreaker is a warm brown with tiny gold shimmer. It is a great alternative to black and looks nice if not applied too liberally. I find, like a lot of the darker Urban Decay 24/7 liners that if you press to hard it can look cakey and will require blending if you want to go heavier.

Nothing on is a warm peach shade which theoretically could be a great alternative to a white eyeliner to brighten the eye. I haven't quite mastered it really and find it requires a lot of blending. It tends to catch in my lower lashes (as I don't usually wear mascara on them) and it can look a bit odd.

Polar Ice is a matte white which can be used to brighten the eye by placing on the inner corner and/or waterline to 'open up' the eye and disguise red eyes from tiredness. Again, this can look quite strange unless well blended. It is a useful colour to own, but not one that I use in my day-to-day make-up application. Grey Tide works better as an inner corner highlight due to its creaminess and reflective, light-coloured pigment.

Overall, these tend to last all day on me with some transfer at the outer corners of my eyes after an hour which needs to be watched and removed. Mac claim these are waterline safe and waterproof. I have found them to have some movement as mentioned, but comparable to the popular Urban Decay 24/7 liners in terms of pigment and longevity.

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