Sunday 17 September 2017

3 Lush Products for the Stressed and Sleep Deprived

Having problems sleeping or relaxing in the evening? I am at the moment, but that's the start of term for you. I could send you to sleep by elaborating, but instead I'll share with you three Lush products that could help you relax, unwind and hopefully reach the Land of Nod a bit quicker... 

Ideally, I would take a bath every evening to calm down and have some 'me time'. Probably my favourite Lush bath bomb is Twilight. The fragrance is soft, with sweet tonka absolute (warm vanillary scent), ylang ylang and lavender- perfect for relaxation. The other reason why I really rate this product is that it produces a little foam, unlike some of the other bath bombs. 

Sleepy Body Lotion is also a treat for the over-worked. It has a light consistency and, again, has a lavender and tonka fragrance, with the addition of a malty, oatmeal edge. If you are a long-time Lush fan like me, you may be familiar with the long discontinued bath bomb, Waving not Drowning. I'm delighted to say that this is a very close match to that fragrance which was a soft, sweet lavender and vanilla- the type of scent that just makes you take a deep breath and feel soothed. When wearing Sleepy at night, I would recommend wearing pyjamas. Like any lotion, it will transfer slightly to bedding, but will scent your pyjamas nicely for the next night. My only gripe with this product is that it has a fine glitter to it which seems really unnecessary, bearing in mind you will probably wear it to bed.

Finally, if you prefer a shower or you just don't have time for a bath, Twilight now comes in shower gel form (also, I believe Lush have brought out 'Naked' shower gels and body lotions which have no packaging. These look like bottle-shaped soaps, but apparently the 'Naked' shower gels foam up just like their less environmentally-friendly counterparts. I might give them a try next time I buy from Lush. 

A treat for the body and soul- Lush products are not cheap, but if you have the means to spend out on the products, they can truly aid a sense of wellbeing. Let me know if you have any recommendations below.

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