Sunday 3 September 2017

The Drugstore Mascara Everyone is Raving About: Is it Really That Good? L'oreal Paradise Extatic

I've been testing out the (fairly) new L'oreal Paradise Extatic mascara that a lot of people in the beauty community have been raving about recently. Is it really that amazing and a cheaper alternative to the likes of Too Faced's Better Than Sex (reviewed here)? 

This mascara is somewhat reasonably priced, but still at the higher end of the drugstore/ high street price range at £11.99 rrp. here in the UK. I've been miserably disappointed in some of the high street mascaras in recent years having delved into the world of overpriced, but highly delivering brands like YSL and Mac. Basically what I'm saying is that I've become a make up snob in some senses, spoiled by the amazing performance of some more expensive mascaras. I needed to have my faith restored.

First off, this mascara contains castor oil, said to be good for the lashes and 'intense volume' as well as 'spectacular length' was promised. After watching some Youtube reviews and reading some other blog reviews I really wanted to try it.

Here is a closer look at the brush and formula:

 As you can see it's a slightly hourglass-shaped bristle brush and the formula looks wet, but it is more like a thick treacle- also nicely pigmented. The brush is slightly smaller and therefore less unwieldy compared to the Too Faced brush head. Some have said it is dry, but it certainly isn't one of those ridiculous mascaras that just tints the lashes a bit, oh no. Here's what it did for me after two coats:
My natural lashes are fairly long and have a curl to them, so I am really just looking for thickness. It certainly performed in that respect as you can see particularly in the top photo. It did transfer (as all mascaras do on me) after application as you can see in the bottom photo, but nothing that a cotton bud wouldn't fix. I think if I went for another coat it would clump a little, but the brush separated well. This mascara lasted all day and their was little to no flaking.

I would purchase this again if it doesn't mutate into a different formula, so I may update this post if it does. Compared to the Too Faced mascara, the  results are very similar. I never re-purchased that mascara because I prefer Stila's Huge Lash and the other brands mentioned above. Even if this doesn't last me a whole three months or so, I would re-purchase at the price as it is at least £5 cheaper than other mascaras that do the same thing. Overall, I'm very happy with this!

What mascaras are your favourites?

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