Sunday 1 October 2017

My Picks from the Lush Halloween 2017 Range

It's that time of year again when Lush release their Halloween products! I picked up some of their bath bombs and bubble bars and of course I wanted to share my thoughts.

Monsters' Ball bath bomb:
This zesty and woody bomb with lime and neroli turns the bathwater purple-pink and features a one-eyed monster design. Nice and uplifting.

Pumpkin bath bomb:
This orangey bath bomb has vanilla and cinnamon which makes it perfect for this time of year when you want that cosy feeling. 

Ectoplasm jelly bomb: 
Jelly bombs are new to Lush- a hybrid of a bath bomb and jelly to moisturise the skin. The colours of the bath bomb are lovely, but once it finishes fizzing in the bath the water turns a light urine colour- not my favorite! That said, the scent is an energising sharp grapefruit and tangerine which remains for the entire duration of the bath.

Some reviewers have said the jelly bombs are not great, but overall I enjoyed my first experience with this product. The jelly element, made from seaweed, is not too much in this bomb and left the water very silky and moisturising, not greasy. You should enter the bath with caution as there is a little slippage, but on exiting the tub it had dissipated. The jelly did melt into the water and whilst the tide mark left on the tub was minimal, the bottom of the tub was coated in residue after the water had drained. Overall, these are nice while your in the tub, but a bit of a pain in that you generally need to clean the bath afterwards.
 Pink Pumpkin bubble bar:
Geranium, bergamot and jasmine are pleasant enough, but this isn't up there with some of Lush's other scents. This glittered pumpkin is similar in size to Creamy candy and Pop in the Bath so you'll get 3-4 baths out of it if used conservatively. This gentle floral makes plenty of bubbles when crumbled under the running tap.

Bewitched bubble bar:
I saved the best til last! This is adorable and reminds me of my own black kitty with her yellow eyes. This smells like the Blackberry bath bomb which I really like. It also has bergamot making it a sweet, soft fruity bar to use on the colder evenings when you need perking up. 

I purchased these products online, but I imagine by the time this post goes up, they should be in shops too, or very soon. 

What are your favourite Lush scents?

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