Sunday 12 November 2017

A Photo a Day #318 Flashback Sunday


Me, circa 1997. My parents let me self-express through my appearance and I never even caught them laughing at me (to my face anyway) which was good of them. Here I am wearing an Adidas crop top and sporting a green stick-on jewel as a bindi! Never one to shy away from creativity, this was a look I thought I'd don one day aged around 13. Note also the Geri Halliwell-inspired sun-in blonde sections in my hair framing a red-toned DIY job. The eyebrows are also quite the focal point of this look; like most 90s teens, I quickly set to work in obliterating them. But for all of my fashion faux-pas- look at my young skin! If any teenagers ever read this- try to love yourself a bit more. You may have your flaws, but you will look back at aspects of yourself in years to come and wish you had been more grateful for what you had. I try to think this way now and urge people to do the same. We are all getting older, and what we have in the present is worth enjoying because we may not have it in the future. 

You can see in the original below there were some signs of dust and scratches which I removed. I also sharpened and tinted the photo to give it a more appealing (yet still dated) look.
What fashions did you sport as a teenager?

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