Sunday 5 November 2017

My Picks from the Lush Christmas Range 2017

If you love Lush like me, the launch of the Christmas range always gets your attention. Whilst browsing their website near the start of September, imagine my excitement to see their Crimbo products ripe for picking before being released in stores. The start of a new school term is always a tiring and stressful time, so I treated myself to some items that peaked my interest.                                                                                                                                     One of the scents a lot of us love year after year is of course, Snow Fairy. I was thrilled to see a Snow Fairy jelly bomb and soap (more on those later) as well as the shower gel in bottled and 'non-bottled' form- the 'Naked' shower gels and body lotions are a new addition to Lush's range, much like a bottle-shaped solid that transforms into gel or lotion.                                                                                                                                                                                               As well as the excitement of Snow Fairy, there are some fun, quirky new bath bombs and bubble bars this year as well as some of the old favourites such as the Luxury Lush Pud, Golden Wonder and Candy Mountain

Here are my picks after perusing the collection:

Christmas Sweater bath bomb:
This neat bath bomb features a reindeer design in white on red just like a Christmas fair isle jumper. It is a typical Lush Christmas scent- spicy, warm and zesty with lemon, ginger, clove and coriander. It is warming and gives you areally cosy feeling when the weather is cold. 
Snow Fairy jelly bomb:
Let's talk about these jelly bombs then... These are basically bath bombs with small jelly pieces (a seaweed gel) inside that are supposed to melt away into the bathwater. The jelly pieces do tend to melt nicely in my experience, despite a lot of people criticising these relatively new products. The problem comes in that the jelly can clog the plughole a bit and coat the bath in some scum that needs cleaning. Some residue is common with standard bath bombs, so it is not terrible, but to some perhaps an inconvenience. The scent is, as expected, sweet like candyfloss with a musky edge: fans of this scent shouldn't be disappointed.
Snow Fairy soap:
Smothered in glitter with a magic wand design, this looks very fun and of course smells gorgeous. It has cocoa butter and almond oil in it to soften the skin which makes it a joy to use, however- as is typical with Lush- it is costly for what you get. At £5.95 it is very steep, considering that it is probably less product than a standard bar of your average soap. Saying that, the Lush soaps last me many months and the fragrances are unique, so for a once-a-year treat it is not so bad. 
Plum Snow bubble bar:
This fairly generously sized bubble bar smells of plum and mandarin. It is a fruity floral, with a touch of osmanthus absolute to give it the soft, floral background. It is a scent that many people would like, particularly if they find the spicy or overly tangy fruity fragrances a bit much. It is a costly bubble bar (£5.95) but would give you 4-5 baths if used in smaller quantities- do remember that the bubble bars make a lot of bubbles. The first time I tried one I used the whole lot and nearly overflowed the tub onto the floor with bubbles in a hotel room! The culprit was Karma (when it was orange and a smaller size- smaller than Plum Snow) and it was like a re-enaction of the scene in Ghostbusters 2 where Sigourney Weaver's bath tub fills with killer slime; amusing to watch, but quite alarming at the same time!

My Two Front Teeth bubble bar:
Lavender, vanilla and neroli combine to give this quirky little bubble bar a soft, candy-sweet fragrance. It is a cheaper bubble bar compared to some of the others at £3.95 and slightly smaller. The link to Christmas, if you don't know the reference, is the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"- type it into Youtube and you'll see an unnerving performance from a little girl singing it, pageant-style, on a 1986 TV show. 

Which products from will be on your Christmas shopping list?

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