Friday 31 January 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #31 + January Round Up

Arbre Grey

Somehow I've not yet missed a day of posting photos- although I've somewhat bended my own rules of only using my proper camera. This one was taken last year and previously posted on  Instagram, but nevertheless a worthy photo, I think. 

To round up this month's theme with my thoughts, it's been a fun challenge to find things to photograph all in the same colour palette. Due to illness, I've been quite restricted over this last week in terms of scope as I've been housebound. Therefore some photos were taken in the same shoot and the variation of themes has not been as wide as I would have liked. 

What have I come to learn about the colour grey? It can be beautiful and emotive despite its lacklustre reputation. Being January (in England) it is everywhere, yet while we're moaning about the dismal grey we never really look at it properly and appreciate its dramatic power. As an example, the grand and intimidating council offices really do impose themselves over Fareham in a majestic and brutal way. Likewise, the murky skies create a fascinating gothic backdrop to our day to day; it's like we're on our own brooding movie sets as we go about our miserable day to day. 

So there it is, January, done.

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