Wednesday 1 January 2020

A Photo a Day 2020: The challenge begins!

Back in 2017, I set myself the challenge to post a photo on my blog every day. It took discipline, but it was really good fun.  I am back, three years later and I am going to attempt to do the challenge again...

Here are the 2020 rules:

  • I will post one photo every day on this blog (some photos to be posted on Instagram too, but this will be the main place I log my work)
  • There will be a theme each month- January's theme is 'Shades of Grey' 
  • I can edit photos (brightness/ contrast etc.), but not edit colours (when the theme is colour-based)
  • I can't shoot in black and white in order to achieve grey tones for this month
  • All photos will be named
  • All photos will be taken by me using my Sony A5000 Compact system camera

I welcome any feedback or ideas!

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