Sunday 26 January 2020

Skincare Sunday #3: Protected Skin

Non-skincare enthusiasts are quite surprised that I wear SPF50 nearly every day. With screen exposure being a mainstay of everyday life and being a person of the pale and freckly variety, SPF is my best friend.

But it wasn't always so. In my teens and early 20s, I was less clued up and more carefree when it came to exposing my skin to the sun. I guess we all are, but there is so much information out there now, that young people really do have less excuses than us who were teens in the before the 2000s (and the internet hit).

My SPF of choice right now is Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream SPF50+ 

Why is it so good?

I love the fact that it is non-sticky, moisturising and soothing. It is a fairly thick cream (not runny like a lotion), but it doesn't feel greasy. It also barely ever pills up into little balls when foundation is applied over it. I say, barely ever, because on the few occasions it has it has been down to the serum worn under it. To avoid this, I avoid watery serums and leave products to sink in and dry before layering.

Most importantly, it is not ridiculously expensive and widely available. I often buy from Escentual who have linked on phramacy skincare brands a lot of the time. 

It is so important for me to feel confident in my SPF all year round. I use Vitamin C, acid and retinol products on rotation, so I need to know that my sensitised skin is not open to damage which will undo the effort I put in. Even without laborious routines, SPF is the most effective way to age gracefully and look after the body's biggest organ. So if you (like me) have not always been the most proactive with sun protection, Eucerin would be a great one to try!

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