Sunday 23 February 2020

Skincare Sunday #7 Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is that quenched-looking, plump skin with some sheen in all the right places. To achieve this healthy, youthful appearance diet and lifestyle obviously plays a big part. But what can you do to cheat your way to dewy skin, even when a stressful lifestyle leaves you looking less radiant than you would like?

From my experience of having a drier skin type, it's all about layering the skin with moisture and keeping that moisture in. Therefore, make-up aside, it is imperative to begin with a hyaluronic serum onto cleansed skin. My weapon of choice is Beauty Pie's Triple Hyaluronic and Lipopeptide Serum  which is an affordable product and holds moisture into the skin. Hyaluronic serums can be notoriously tacky in texture and even feel drying/ firming (not ideal if skin is already dry). It should be noted that they are not designed to be worn alone, but require a moisturising product over the top. Saying that, Beauty Pie's serum never feels drying due to the peptides it contains.

Dewy skin is all about layering product. After the hyaluronic serum, I tend to spritz a mist of my favourite (but rather pricey) Hydration Accelerator by Josh Rosebrook. It is a superior product in terms of its natural, nourishing ingredients and truly hydrates. A cheaper alternative is Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist which contains coconut and rose water. Both are an indulgence, but help to create a base of moisture.

The next layer is moisturiser. On a typical work day, I tend to just use an SPF moisturiser over the serum, but for added dewiness you could apply a light, but efficacious moisturiser like Lixir's Universal Emulsion and some SPF over the top of that (although the Lixir contains SPF10). I cannot recommend Lixir enough. The moisturiser is designed to have boosters added to it at night, but even on its own it really does seem to adhere moisture to the skin. Not only that but it smells of rose and ylang ylang which makes it feel luxurious to apply.

To complete the perfect dewy skin, a final spritz of face mist works wonders. Make-up can then be optionally applied, with powder to ensure that the dewiness is less prominent around the T zone where some skin types may cross the boundary into shiny skin (not so cute!) 

Happy glowing!

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