Tuesday 31 March 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #91

Lockdown: Day 8

I have started to document the 'Lockdown' period of this year, so you will start to see some of this 'series' across the coming weeks and months. This was taken on a walk yesterday. You can see the Fareham Council Offices building that I photographed previously, before this all happened. It feels so much more emotive a landmark now that I can't really walk into that area. It used to be my regular Saturday routine to take a nice stroll into town, maybe get something to eat (a 'hot' Nandos always went down well!) and mooch about the shops. Now it leaves a tinge of sadness that I am so far away from this idyllic picture. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my daily walk out where there are not many people, and of course, looking forward to one day when I can frolic into Fareham and enjoy being part of the crowd again.

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