Thursday 30 April 2020

April Round Up

April has been interesting. Now, weeks into lockdown, it has become normal-ish and we have a routine. Having to set school work from home is tough and the natural inclination to overwork is not great, but I suppose it's a way to cling onto a sense of purpose. Taking photos has become a chore on some days: 'Shades of Yellow' is quite a hard theme to maintain, but I have been taking lots of pictures of nature! I have also been inclined to take photos on my phone which has meant less quality in places, but has allowed spontaneity to prevail.

The weather has, on the whole, been glorious. It wasn't on my birthday: it rained a lot. The birthday thing was fine and I was spoiled. But there's no substitute for the freedom of a road trip or a walk by the sea. Over the last few days the weather has turned to bleak rainy misery and this affects moods too. How have you coped on days when the weather has been less cheery?

We are all anticipating a change in lockdown, a lifting of some of the rules, but still there is a lot of uncertainty. As tests become available for keyworkers, it could be possible to begin work in some form again. But even that prospect seems distant and uncomfortable. This pandemic has been so distanced from some of us and we should be very grateful for that. The reality of it will perhaps become more 'real' as we approach a return to some of the previous parts of day to day life. The scars that it will leave could be tricky to deal with for a while. 

But let's not dwell on this too much: we will get through this and probably as better people than we were before!

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