Monday 1 June 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #153

Granted, not a jolly start to June, but at least vaguely interesting. I knew that June's theme had to be 'Shades of Pink'. It's a colour of blossoming beauty (and, as I'm sure I'll discover, all sorts of other connotations). Perhaps the gender stereotype of girls being obsessed with pink and boys only wearing blue (or other 'masculine' colours) can be explored this month. Maybe I'll pap some lovely flowers on my walks. Hopefully I'll be able to capture the whole spectrum of shades of pink.

This was taken twenty minutes ago as I write. I had forgotten to take/ post a photo so far today (not the first time), but I wanted the challenge of pink. I even have some photos logged for other colours and themes that may be in the pipeline for future months, but nothing sprung to mind for 'pink'. In fact, I think it's a challenging shade because it's not a primary colour. It's often a colour that sits happily in the background, unless it's a screaming magenta or fuscia.

Out of around 25 photos taken as part of this shoot using my trusty Sony A5000 Macro lens (nothing high spec here, I'm self taught and learning), I chose this image. It wasn't the prettiest, or the most flattering, but it expressed something relevant to how many of us feel at the moment and also perhaps something about me.

As this is also a beauty blog, I'm wearing YSL Rouge Volupte (Shade 1???) and a pink, sparkly Lipstick Queen gloss in a shade called 'Time Warp' (yes, I wore it just for the photo!)

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