Thursday 2 July 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #184

Back before lockdown, I would get to my classroom at 7:30am and it would be very quiet. I would prepare for the day, busy non-stop all day. The mornings were always the calm before the storm. This was taken one cold morning this year. You can see the condensation formed rectangles on the windows and I took the photo, knowing I would use it sometime this year. I could never have forseen that I would get to sleep in past 7:30 most mornings and have a calm, mid-morning coffee break without having to chug it down or it to go cold because the bell went for lesson 3. 

I'm looking at this and thinking that I miss my classroom in some ways-- it's a home from home for the vast part of my year. But then, it's also a symbol of the trapping nature of the 9-5 (or 7:30-7:30 as it sometimes becomes in my case!)

Oh well, I'll be back soon enough, maybe one day reading this and rolling my eyes and yawning.

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