Saturday 25 July 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #207

I found a shoebox full of photos (some 25 years old!) Remember when you had the surprise of getting your photos developed only to discover some didn't come out? I found a lot of these as well as (objectively speaking) hugely unflattering shots of me over the years! Being able to take selfies again and again is something we never had in the past and I wonder how much more liberating it was to take a photo and then laugh at how bad you looked in it a few weeks later. 

Although there are the odd 'nice', posed pictures with friends, most of my teenage photos are candid and silly. I get a true sense of who I was as a young girl (and I was very silly!) Nowadays we seem to see the same one or two universal pouty poses and Instagram-worthy tweaking; in the 90s we just shot a photo and that was that. Of course, we were still self-critical and lacked self esteem as most young people do, but having one less opportunity to strive for perfection was a blessing. 

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