Monday 31 August 2020

August: a Roundup


So my words have been few this month. My quality of photography has been mixed. It's been an odd one. Perhaps the theme has been an apt one. The school 'holidays' have gone by quick and reality looms as we return tomorrow to a situation where we get ill all the time anyway, let alone with Covid on the loose. Anyway, the less thinking on that matter the better for now.

August has been hot and largely relaxing. Time has been spent in slightly questionable ways, but there's always an argument for watching horror films with your cat at your feet in bed. Other than that, it's been good to see family and just not work. Also, the gym has been a blessing and I hope they continue to stay open because for many people it keeps the mind healthy, let alone the body.

I have no idea what tomorrow's 'September' theme will be. We'll see. 

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