Monday 30 November 2020

November: A Roundup

November has been bleak. There's no two ways about it. The country has been in the second Lockdown and we are set to be out of it on December 2nd. Saying this, some places are still in pretty much a lockdown scenario. Tier 2, where I am, is still restricted, but hey, gyms can open, so some light at the end of this dark couple of fortnights.

Talking of exercise, I've been as active as a lump of lard. Illness has struck and, like many, I've worked through it. It probably wasn't Corona, but could have been (none of the key symptoms, but apparently people have had it with only headaches and chest pains). Nevertheless, I've got through for now.

Workload as a teacher is disgusting. But of course we're all a bunch of lazy complainers, so best not to even go into it. The pandemic brings out the best in some, but in others it unleashes very unpleasant behaviour.

Christmas is on the horizon which I can take or leave really, but it'll be good if we can see family. 

This project has been a thorn in my side most days! I've more or less managed it, but the theme of the year has been 'make the best of it', and that's what I feel my photography has been. I've often relied on phone photos and sometimes old ones from before the pandemic. The most rewarding thing has been to capture the changing of the seasons, something that during the first lockdown (the one before I worked 12 hour days, most days) was incredible to experience. To see Winter turn to Spring in minute detail was a wonderful thing. It's only now I'm older that I can appreciate the sentiments of the Romantic poets. I loved a bit of Keats at A Level, but teaching Romantic poetry now and then experiencing it in macro before my eyes--it's good for the soul.

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