Thursday 12 April 2012

Salisbury, Ducks and Rainbows

Salisbury is famous for its cathedral. Whilst visiting a friend for lunch, there was opportunity to take some snaps of the beautiful building, and also the ducks.

My pet duck came with me
Although this was not a shopping occasion, the city has plenty to offer in the way of high street shops in a prettier setting than many towns I frequent.

The other draw for me is that there is a nice riverside area where you can see the ducks (real ones) and swans. Today we saw some little new-born ducklings chirping and bobbing along the river. They were adorable!

As I was snapping away with my camera I heard a woman shouting on the other side of the water. She was banging the railings and shouting "Stop it! Go away!" I didn't realise until later why she was doing this; I assumed she was slightly unhinged until I crossed the river to see the ducklings who had decided to rest on the bank.

She had been trying to scare off a big rat who had attacked one of the ducklings' siblings and killed it. Nature can be a horrible thing sometimes. I hope that the babies found their mum before they too became rat-meat.

On the way home there were two rainbows. Why do we moan about the weather in England? How can we complain when we get so much variety all in the space of a few hours!

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