Thursday 17 May 2012

Quality 'Me' Time

Leading hectic lives, involving work commitments, family pressures and structuring a social life; it isn't any wonder that we find ourselves wondering when we might get some breathing space for ourselves. Whatever our situation, for most people there come moments when it is hard to find that time; for some, there is too much of that time available and life can become monotonous. But this isn't a post about boredom or loneliness. I want to talk about  finding quality 'me' time- time where you truly feel happy, relaxed and content.

One size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to finding relaxing activities to do, but here are my top 5 ways to unwind:

1. Watch nostalgic TV

Like any other sucker for bad taste trash, I am partial to most reality television. Makeover shows, talent contests, dating debacles, popularity competitions- you name it, I'm all over it, shamelessly. But there's time for that in another post.

Nostalgic TV is where its at.

There's nothing more comforting for the soul than settling down with a box-set of a series from yester-year, and they really don't make them like they used to. The beauty of this is that there are generally episodes that you never saw the first time round, as I found out when recently purchasing the entire Jonathan Creek box-set on DVD. Not only did I pay the bargainous price of £12.99 from, but I can now enjoy the wit and mystery of this excellent 90s detective show again and again without waiting for re-runs to come on TV.  Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin are magnificent in this show!

2. Organise a section of your house

If you're a cosmetics junkie like me then you may agree that there's nothing better than getting yor head around a storage solution! As my collection grows I am having to be more and more creative in my organisation strategies.

You may disagree, but there's nothing more satisfying than having a good clear-out. It's good for the mind. Being a hard-working individual, I do neglect my home most of the time. I'm not a complete slob, but I just follow the philosophy of embracing my messiness rather than hoovering and dusting every day and resenting it like a disgruntled 50s housewife. Don't get me wrong, I wish I was one of those efficient people who has a lovely clean and tidy space around them all of the time, but I'm not. I've tried and it doesn't work!

So, when I do make time to sort my DVDs by genre or cull some long-forgotten make-up products that I bought in 1998, I really go for it. Then I stand back, admire my efforts and feel great...even if it only lasts for a few weeks!

3. Take a walk to nowhere in particular

I am lucky. I live by the sea and it's amazing! Sometimes, however,  I forget to appreciate it. Walking to nowhere in particular is an excellent way to unwind. Think about it: most of the time when we take to the pavements it is to reach a given destination within a given time frame to complete a given purpose. Yes, walking is always good exercise, but what about just doing it to appreciate the place in which you live?

If you're not as lucky as me you could take yourself on a journey somewhere of your choice: a park, some woodland, a place of cultural significance- anywhere.

Does anyone ever have those dreams where you vaguely recognise a place you're exploring, but you discover something you never realised was there? I've had these sort of dreams, especially when I was younger and woke up in wonderment, trying to fathom whether there really was a place like this or whether I just imagined it.

I'm always trying to find those secret places in real life!

4. Plan a suprise

I love the sneaky, exciting feeling of knowing something others don't! I'm not talking about knowing juicy gossip (although that can be fun too!), but the feeling of having planned a suprise for someone and waiting for the day when you can share it with them.

One of the youtube ladies that I watch Sprinkleofglitter was suprised recently when her best friend and fellow blogger Zoella created a birthday video for her and posted it on youtube. The video took months to put together and featured a mash-up of all of their best moments together, as well as heart-warming wishes from all of the birthday girl's friends. It was so lovely and a true display of friendship.

These kinds of suprises are priceless.

When I arranged my best friend's hen party it was so much fun, putting together a Disney-themed weekend and a little gift bag for her. She loved it and it gave me a chance to do something for her for a change. She's one of these people who always puts others before herself. She's like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted when it comes to letting you buy her a drink ("Stop it! Don't be silly. Put your money away!"). So I finally had my chance to treat her without any arguments. 

5. Pamper yourself!

From seemingly selfless acts, to pure 'me, me, me' induldgence!

Whether your a girly-girl or boy, or lower maintenance than Jim Royle, pampering is the way forward. Everyone likes to look and feel good so I highly recommend a few hours now and again where you induldge youself with a bath over-flowing with Lush bubbles and a face mask.

Creamy Candy: mmmm
My fave from Lush is the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. Crumble it under a running tap into your bath and take in the aroma of a sweet shop. Bliss!

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